LASHGOD Course Kits: Our Absolute Essentials

Are you thinking of diving into the lash world or teaching others the magic of doing lashes? πŸͺ„ Then you probably know that having the right materials is key. πŸ”‘ And guess what? Our LASHGOD course kits are like a treasure chest filled with all you need! ✨ Whether it’s for your lash journey or prepping your students, these kits are the dreamiest, all-in-one solution! πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

Our Course Kits are our pride and joy. 🀩 We poured our hearts into curating these beauties, ensuring they have everything someone could need to enter the lash industry at the lowest price possible. πŸ’° Packed with:

  • Our luxurious, hypoallergenic line of innovative lash products;
  • Various lash types for all tastes and sensitivities;
  • Perfect for training, solo artists, and babes looking to get into the biz. πŸ’–

We’ve crafted four fantastic options to suit your needs:

  1. Small Course Kit (With Manual);
  2. Small Course Kit (Without Manual);
  3. Large Course Kit (With Manual);
  4. Large Course Kit (Without Manual).

Now, let’s peek into what makes each one special. 🧐


The Small Course Kit has all the essentials that you could need as an aspiring lash artist! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨ Perfectly crafted for courses, training sessions, and personal use, this compact yet comprehensive kit is tailored to offer maximum value without breaking the bank. πŸ’΅ You’ll get the chance to experience the magic of LASHGOD’s signature products and work your way up in the lashing biz. πŸš€

This gem includes:

  • Two classic mixed trays in C and D curls;
  • An X Mirror Mirror Mega Tray; πŸͺž
  • Two precision tweezers for that flawless finish;
  • Magical Bond, Invisibility Magical Bond, or Everlasting Empress Adhesive;
  • Our Cream Remover;
  • Kitty Fan or Bladeless Fan;
  • Marble Tile;
  • Nexcare Tape;
  • Spoolies;
  • Glue Rings or Glue Tiara;
  • A Pack of 5 Gel Pads;
  • The adorable Cutie Cut scissors. 😍

SHOP: Small Course Kit (With Manual)

SHOP: Small Course Kit (Without Manual)


Our LASHGOD Large Course Kit is the quintessential companion for your journey to lash mastery! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Handpicked to mirror the top-tier tools and products used at the illustrious LASHGOD HQ, this kit is your ticket to success. πŸ†

Spoil your clients with our hypoallergenic, cutting-edge products, meticulously crafted to ensure unparalleled results, and they will certainly be coming back for more. πŸ’° You receive everything you need to service 60+ clients. ✨ But it’s also an amazing choice for training sessions.

It includes:

  • two Mirror Mirror Mega Trays packed with an array of curls and lengths;
  • Two precision tweezers;
  • A lifelike Dolly Head with eyelids for realistic practice;
  • Your choice of either Magical Bond or Everlasting Empress Adhesive;
  • Our Cream Remover;
  • Your choice between a Kitty Fan or Bladeless Fan;
  • LASHGOD Magnetic Bond or Chamber Strainer or Nano Mister;
  • Marble Tile;
  • Nexcare Tape;
  • Bubble Babe Lash Bath;
  • Nozzle Wipes;
  • Glue Rings;
  • Spoolies;
  • Kitty Fluffs;
  • A Pack of 10 Gel Pads;
  • Cutie Cut precision scissors;
  • A Lash Map to map up your client’s lash sets. πŸ—ΊοΈ

SHOP: Large Course Kit (With Manual)

SHOP: Large Course Kit (Without Manual)

Which One To Choose? 🀨

Choosing between these four beauties is all about what fits your needs. Are you a trainer aiming to spoil your students with top-notch lash gear? πŸ’…πŸ»Our Large Course Kits are the perfect choice. πŸ’– They’re tailored to give your students a premium experience, ensuring they receive the best value possible.

But if you’re one of our fabulous babes eager to learn the art of lashing solo, our Small Course Kit with a manual is the ideal match. It’s equipped with everything you need to craft those initial sets and build your client base. And when you run low on some supplies, head to LASHGOD.CA for a convenient restock.

Regardless of your preference, both kits are guaranteed to provide exceptional value. We’ve not only done our best to fill them up with top-tier products but also sell them at the lowest price possible. Plus, here’s an adorable bonusβ€”the lash goods all come neatly packed in an adorable transparent backpack.

Purchase Details πŸ›οΈπŸ›’

Guess what? Our kits come with a super cool featureβ€”you can substitute any item for something of a similar value! 🀩 Buying online? Just drop us a note at checkout with your swap request. Prefer shopping in person? Swap on at one of our two locations! 🏰 Plus, if you’re teaching heaps of classes, bulk orders mean awesome savings on course kits for your upcoming trainings. πŸ‹οΈ 

πŸ“± For wholesale, dial (647) 986-0163

πŸ›’ Shop now at WWW.LASHGOD.CA

🏰 Visit us at:
236 Avenue Rd πŸ“± 647-986-0240
1310 Don Mills Rd πŸ“± 647-986-5064

By the way, if you’re just starting your lash journey, you will be thrilled to hear that you get one of our large lash kits for free when attending your LASHGOD X @modernaestheticcollege classes. πŸ“š You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to stock up your lash trolly. ✨

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