LASHGOD’s Trolley Must-Haves Every Eyelash Technician Needs

You know the drill – having the right products on your trolley is key to getting your lash game on point. Sure, we’ve got the basics like adhesives, tweezers, and lashes, but let’s spice things up a bit! 🌟 Introducing LASHGOD’s trolley must-haves – these gems not only boost your productivity but also make the whole lash experience extra fab for both you and your clients. 💖 Ready to dive into our fave products that you absolutely need on your trolley? Then keep reading, babe! ✨ 

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LASHGOD Palm Palette

If you want something that will make the application process a breeze while also helping you stay organized, then our Palm Palette is just what you’re looking for. This comfortable lash strip holder perfectly wraps around your hand ensuring a speedy application 💥

How innovative and advantageous this little gem is also demonstrates the fact that it will save you on average 15 to 20 minutes per set. And to make things as convenient as possible, we’ve made sure that you can fit up to 7 lash strips onto it. 💕

LASHGOD Palm Palette

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Cream Remover

Do you want to know the secret to safe and effective lash extension removal? Our strawberry-scented Cream Remover. 🍓 Enjoy damage-free & hydrated lashes after each removal, thanks to our unique formulation enriched with eye-safe keratin. And the best part? This solution breaks down all adhesives in 2-5 minutes. ⏱️

This will ensure a quick and pain-free experience for both the client and lash tech. Simply apply it all over the base of the lash extensions and let the product sit for up to five minutes. Then use your tweezer or lip wand / micro swabs to gently glide off all lashes! Thanks to the generous size, one container will last you between 25-40 removals.

LASHGOD Cream Remover

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Bby Pink Glue Shuttle

Our BBY Pink Glue Shuttle will take your adhesive game to the next level. Perfect for traveling and mobile appointments, our adorable adhesive holder maintains a consistently cool, dark, and dry environment that your adhesives will LOVE. 🔮👛

You can store up to 3 adhesives with our custom shuttle insert or you can remove the insert to store 6 adhesives comfortably. The airtight system takes all oxygen out of the storage cylinder maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity. The result? High-functioning adhesives that perform at their best levels.

LASHGOD Bby Pink Glue Shuttle

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Collagen Gel Pads / Charcoal Gel Pads

We’re proud to say that we have the best gel pads in the game. And our Collagen or Charcoal Gel Pads will ensure that there will be no annoying sliding or slipping, just a smooth and easy application. 🌟 While some would say that gel pads aren’t a necessity, it’s still important to make your clients feel pampered and add an element of luxury to the service.

From soothing your client’s under eyes to helping them relax, who doesn’t want to feel like they are at a spa while getting their lashes done? But there’s a bonus for you too – they can enhance the visibility of your client’s lashes. This could be particularly helpful if you’re working with a client who has light-colored natural lashes. Our Charcoal Gel Pads will make them instantly more visible, making the application process significantly easier.

LASHGOD Collagen Gel Pads

LASHGOD Charcoal Gel Pads

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SHOP: Charcoal Gel Pad

Pro-Mades Fans

If there’s one product that can significantly cut down your application time, then it’s our Pro-Made Fans. Made from our original cashmere lashes that you know and love 🌍, these fluffy, full fans look and feel like a symmetrical hand-crafted volume fan. 😍

Completed with an ultra-thin, micro-ribbed base and 14 fibers per fan (14D), our Pro-Mades will WOW you when it comes to both retention and application. You’ll get 15 fans per row and 14 rows per tray equals 210 perfect Pro-Made Fans per case! Which is enough for an entire hybrid or volume set!

LASHGOD Pro-Made Fans

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