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Large Course Kit (Without Manual)


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Introducing our LASHGOD absolute essentials. All products in our large kit were specifically chosen to prepare you for success. Everything you’ll see us using at the LASHGOD HQ! Set up for success with a kit that gives you every single item you or your students need to excel in the industry. Indulge in our hypoallergenic l, luxury, state-of-the-art products. LASHGOD  Large kits can also be used for course/training purposes. Enjoy all of #LASHGOD favourite products designed to maximize results.



(2) mirror mirror mega trays
-80 lines per tray including
C,C+,D & D+ curl
With lengths 8-18mm
In both .05 diameter & .18 diameter

(2) Tweezers

(1) Dolly Head With Eyelid

(1) Magical Bond or Invisibility Magical Bond or Everlasting Empress Adhesive

(1) Cream Remover

(1) Kitty Fan or Bladeless Fan

(1) LASHGOD Magnetic bond or Chamber Strainer or Nano MisterLASHGOD Nano Mister

(1) Marble Tile

(1) Nexcare Tape

(1) Bubble Babe Lash Bath

(1) Nozzle Wipes

(1) Glue Rings

(1) Spolies

(1) Kitty Fluffs

(1) Pack of 10 Gel Pads

(1) Cutie Cut

(1) Lash Map

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