Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions: Which To Choose?

Okay, let’s talk about one of our absolute obsessions—eyelash extensions! 🥰 Not only do they work wonders to enhance your natural beauty, but they also cut your morning beauty routine in half. ⏰ You’ll always feel so put together, even without a drop of makeup.  Yet, here’s the thing: if you’ve got super fair skin, or you’re a stunning blonde babe 👩🏼 or a radiant redhead vixen 👩🏻‍🦰, those ultra-dark jet-black lashes might look a tad too harsh and intense for your vibe. Enter the hero: brown lashes! 🤎

Top picture: Black lash extensions Bottom picture: Brown lash extensions

Top picture: Black lash extensions | Bottom picture: Brown lash extensions

Contrary to popular belief, eyelash extensions aren’t limited to one color—our shop is bursting with a rainbow of options 🌈, even some that glow in the dark! But let’s talk about two stunners: our Velvet Teddy and Brownie Glaze trays. 🍫 These beauties flaunt gorgeous, rich brown tones that you’ll fall head over heels for. 😍 Don’t worry; we’ll dive into a more detailed comparison later.

Now, why choose brown eyelashes over your regular black eyelash extensions? 🤔 That’s the question we’re tackling today, lovelies. So let’s uncover the answers and help you pick the perfect set. ✨ Or if you’re a lash tech yourself, let us introduce you to the ways in which brown lash trays could upgrade your marketing game. 🚀 Are you ready to dive into this beauty adventure?

Brown lashes are the perfect addition to the clean girl aesthetic.

Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions

Let’s dive into the world of black versus brown eyelashes. 🥊 Sure, the difference might seem subtle at first glance, but once those lashes find their place, it’s a whole new story. Jet-black lashes are pure drama and glam, ✨ perfect for those with darker hair and skin tones. But also – if you’re someone who loves full-glam makeup looks, there’s basically no question about it – black lashes are the ones for you. 🖤 No matter your skin tone or hair color.


However, if you’re more into the clean girl aesthetic, you probably wear little to no makeup on a daily basis. 🌸 And if, in addition to that, you also have light hair and skin, a full set of black eyelash extensions could be a bit too bold. 🐼 That’s where brown lashes steal the show! They bring warmth to the eyes and give a softer, more natural vibe. 💫 Talking about the clean girl aesthetic, ask your lash pro for a natural sweep or a dolly style in brown, and you’ll leave everyone guessing—are those lashes yours or just incredibly full, long, and naturally curled? 👀

Who Should Get Brown Lashes?

Are you still not quite sure if brown lashes would be a good choice for you? 🧐 While we’ve highlighted how they’re a game-changer for blondes, redheads, and fair-skinned folks, don’t think for a second they won’t complement darker complexions too. We adore 💕 using our Velvet Teddy or Brownie Glaze trays on clients with deeper skin tones, and let me tell you, the results? Utterly stunning. 🫶🏻We’ll include some pictures too, so you can see it first hand. 🤳🏻

Brown lash extensions also look great on people with deeper skin tones.

Why Every Lash Tech Should Offer Brown Lash Extensions

If you’re a lash tech reading this, and you still haven’t added brown lashes to your service menu, what are you even waiting for? 🤯 The #1 trending lash style right now for blondes and brunettes is the soft brown lash look. And brown lashes are also the #1 most-shopped color tray in the lash industry. 🥇 Seriously, will bring your business marketing to a whole new level. 🚀 If you’re not sure where to get them, look no further. We have two gorgeous options available: our Velvet Teddy and Brownie Glaze lash tray. 🤎🍫 So let’s see how these two compare. 

Velvet Teddy vs Brownie Glaze

Let’s chat about our two adored brown lash trays! 🤓 The key difference? Color! Velvet Teddy brings a softer, warmer brown, while Brownie Glaze goes deeper and darker. Beyond that, they’re pretty much in sync when it comes to style and glam. ✨ Also, both are cruelty-free and made from the highest quality of PBT fibers. 💎 They come in Classic and Volume diameters, and mixed trays are available in

  • 8mm-17mm
  • 8mm-12mm
  • 10mm-14mm
  • 13mm-16mm
  • 16mm-19mm.

First picture: Brownie Glaze Tray. Second picture: Velvet Teddy Tray.



So, what is our secret to the perfect brown lash set? 🤫 Well, we actually have two! 🤭 The first one is using a clear adhesive. This will effortlessly camouflage the natural lash and extension. But the second one is using a combination of both trays to get the perfect mix of dark brown and light brown shades. ✨💫 This creates the perfect mixture of both noticeable and natural. So if you had trouble choosing between our Brownie Glaze and Velvet Teddy tray – you don’t even have to! 🤎

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One thought on “Brown vs Black Eyelash Extensions: Which To Choose?

  1. Victoria Folinas says:

    Hello I would like to get natural extension but in a natural brown with length. I also saw a service keratin yumi tint lift. I have very fine lashes. I finished chemo and would like something soft and pretty. I am not familiar with these services. I did go to another place and they did not offer me options for colour but was shown photos. I pick the natural and I walk out with volume curly lashes. I looked so tired rather than awake. They darkened my eyes.

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