Best Lash Extension Trays: Five Trays You Need In Your Collection

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Did you check out the recent Instagram reel by our super-talented lash stylist and educator, Maxi? She spilled the tea on the top five lash extension trays every lash tech must have! ☕️

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These trays aren’t just about creating drop-dead gorgeous looks for your clients, they’re about unleashing your inner artist 👩🏻‍🎨 and taking your lash biz to the next level! 🏆 They’re like a magic wand, bringing that extra sparkle every lash tech needs to shine in the spotlight! 🪄

That’s why we’re highlighting Five Lash Trays You NEED in Your Collection today.




Have you seen our stunning Brownie Glaze Lash Tray yet?

Shop Brownie Glaze Lash Now

These are a touch darker than the Teddy Brown lashes, adding that extra oomph!  They’re absolutely perfect for our fiery redheads,  radiant blondes,  fair-skinned beauties, or just someone looking for a softer look. 💁🏼‍♀️ Trust me, these are a game-changer for every lash pro! 🎖️ You can grab them in classic or volume diameters, making it super easy to create stunning sets tailored just for your ginger and blonde beauties. 🥰




Say goodbye to trolley chaos with our Mirror Mirror XL Tray gorgeous tray!

Shop Mirror Mirror Now

✨ Nothing’s worse than a cluttered mess while you’re working, right? 😩 This tray is a total game-changer – it’s like having four trays in one!  Whether you’re just starting your lash tech journey or you’re a total lash pro, this is a must-have. Plus, it’s just as affordable as buying four separate trays, but way more convenient! 💸 It’s got all your lengths, curls, and diameters – talk about an all-in-one dream! 😍 This 4-in-1 miracle tray gives you all the princess feels 👸🏻 you need to conquer your lash game effortlessly. Embrace the clutter-free trolley life and let your creativity roam free! 🌟




Okay, this GLOWGOD tray is seriously the coolest!

Shop GLOWGOD Tray Now

It actually glows in the dark! Imagine the jaw-dropping content you could whip up for your Insta or other social media platforms. 😍 Having unique options like these colored or glow-in-the-dark lash trays will totally upgrade your lash biz! 💰 And can we talk about the colors? 🌈

From “Hocus Pocus Purple” 💜 to “Neon Goblin Green” 💚, they’re all just so stunning! The vibrancy is unreal, making them perfect for special occasions like ❤️ Valentine’s Day or 🎄 Christmas. We’ve got you covered for all the holiday vibes! ✨These lashes are a must-have for all your party-loving clients, 🕺 whether it’s concerts, raves, or any night that requires some extra glow! 🪩




Get ready to fall in love with our CC LASHGOD Matte Lash tray! ❤️

Shop CC LASHGOD Matte Lash

Not only does it give your lashes this beautiful matte finish that makes them look darker and fuller, but it also adds that extra fluff and drama to your whole set! ✨ Perfect for those who love to rock a full glam look, especially with bold eyeshadows. 💋 And let me tell you, these lashes feel like butter 🧈, a total guilt-free treat for your client’s eyes! 👁️ So if you’re feeling like trying out something new, then this ultra-dark matte lash tray is a must-have. 🛍️ Get those flawlessly fluffy, jet-black fans every single time with our CC matte lash collection. 🩷




Having trouble getting those perfect spikes for your strip lash or wispy sets?

Shop Baby Drip Tray Now

🫠 Say no more, we’ve got you covered with this special tray! 👶🏻 No more struggling to create spikes – they’re already here, ready to go, and perfectly symmetrical! 🌟 Our Baby Drip tray features 12 rows of pre-made spikes in diameter 0.05, ranging from 12-19mm in D curl. 😍 So you’ve got a whole range of lengths to play with for your ALT style strip lash look, dreamy wispy sets, the iconic Kylie lash look, or even that sultry wet lash look. 💦 You name it, this tray can do it all! Say goodbye to fussing over creating spikes from scratch, and say hello to flawless spikes every single time! 💁🏼‍♀️



🛍️ Where to buy in person? 🛒

Don’t just 🚶🏻‍♀️ walk, honey – run 🏃🏻‍♀️ to grab Maxi’s top five favorite lash trays!

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