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INTRODUCING our newest tray
BABY DRIP TRAY by Maxine aka @drippinlashgod
We know the perfect wispy, strip lash and textured set can be difficult to achieve, Enjoy the simplicity of using our ultra soft jet black pre-made spikes, the BABY DRIP tray is equipped with 120 closed fans per tray. Each and every hand made spike containers the same amount fibres. We wanted to make this tray to ensure each spike is symmetrical in width, thickness and appearance every application. Perfect spikes every single time to create looks such as wispy, Kim k lashes, strip-lash look, wet lash look and more. An ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for every lash artist
Each mixed tray contains spikes in lengths 12mm-18mm
Available in D Curl
Enjoy the simplicity of using our ultra soft jet black pre-made spikes in lengths 12-18 mm D curl during your lash application.
Our pre-made spikes are made from the same PBT fibres as our cashmere lash trays ensuring the texture and quality of each spike is perfect. Each spike has been bonded with Maxi’s favourite thin viscosity adhesive “everlasting empress” to ensure lasting retention, flexibility for lash wrapping and thin bases for application.
This tray was specially made in inspiration of Maxi’s ultra trendy ATLANTA STYLE
STRIP-LASH MAP that was taught her recent Maxi class
Each lash tray is complete  @drippinlashgod signature Atlanta style strip-lash lash map with a little personal message from Maxine on the back
A 1 of 1 tray shop them before they are gone lash techs
Available in:
10-16mm D curl mix tray 0.07
 236 Avenue Rd
 1310 Don Mills Rd
#Wispy lashes #Spikes #Spike #Closed fans #Lash spikes #Textured lashes #New lash tray

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