Toronto Lash Extensions: The Ultimate Lash Mapping Guide for Lash Techs

Elevate your lash artistry in Toronto with advanced lash mapping styles! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your lash journey, mastering these techniques will transform your lash extension services. Here at Lashgod Toronto (explore our extensive lash extension services), we’re passionate about empowering lash techs with the knowledge and skills to create stunning, customized lash looks.

Beyond the Basics: Popular Lash Mapping Styles for Toronto Lash Artists🎨

Move beyond classic lash sets and delve into these popular lash mapping styles to cater to a wider range of client desires in Toronto:

Cat Eye Lashes😻

First up, there are the enduringly well-liked Cat Eye Lashes. For customers with round, close-set, or downturned eyes who want a glamorous and dramatic look for their lashes, this classic lash style elongates the outer corners of the eyes to create a winged impression that lifts and enhances the eyes.

Cat Eye Lash Map

Doll Eye Lashes👁️

Doll eyelashes are the best option for people whose eyes are downturned or hooded! The main idea behind this lash style is to start the lengthier lash extensions in the middle of the eyes and work your way outward. What was the outcome? An altogether more charming aspect, more bright-eyed and open-eyed.

Squirrel Lashes🐿️

Want to give your client’s lashes more body and volume? Maybe squirrel lashes are the solution! This adaptable lash mapping technique is a favorite among customers who want to get a soft, fluttery look for their lashes because it works well on a variety of eye shapes. This lash style is similar to doll eyelashes in that it uses longer eyelash extensions in the outer corners of the eyes and shorter ones in the corners. Squirrel lashes provide the appearance of having more volume by giving the natural lashes more depth and texture.

Squirrel Lash Map

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Advanced Techniques to Elevate Your Toronto Lash Business🚀

For a truly unique and competitive edge in Toronto, consider mastering these advanced lash mapping techniques:

Manga Lashes 📚

This lash mapping technique, which draws inspiration from the large, expressive eyes of manga characters, focuses on using hybrid lashes to create a dramatic, wide-eyed impression. Manga Lashes differ from shorter, more feathery Volume Lashes in that they usually feature longer lash spikes spaced sporadically across the lash line. Because they help to create the illusion of width and openness, these lashes are ideal for customers with close-set eyes who want to make a statement with their lashes.

Angel Lashes👼

 As the name suggests,As the name indicates, the goal of Angel Lashes is to use wispy lashes to create a softer, more natural-looking lash set. To achieve this lash mapping look, use fluffy Volume lash fans and lash spikes to create an uneven top layer of lashes. The length of the lashes should gradually increase from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer middle, where the longest eyelash extensions will be placed, and then slightly decrease again towards the outer corners. This type of lash style looks great on practically all eye shapes and is ideal for clients who want their lashes to look more natural and understated with a subtle augmentation.

Angel Lashes Lash Map

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List Down More Advance Techniques🔍:

Arrow Lash Map

Arrow Lashes🏹

Arrow Lashes will be a great option if you have clients that want to use their lash appearance to make a statement! By adding lengthier lash extensions from the center of the eyes and tapering down towards the outer corners, this dramatic and eye-catching lash style creates a dramatic winged impression. For clients with almond or deep-set eyes who also want a strong lash style that draws attention wherever they go, Arrow Lashes is the perfect choice because of the drama and intensity this lash appearance offers for the outer corners of the eyes.

Wet Look Lashes💦

The finest option for those who like to draw attention with a hint of glamour and sophistication is Wet Look Lashes. This lash mapping technique gives your client’s lashes depth and elegance by simulating a high-shine, wet look effect with ultra-glossy lash extensions and lash spikes. For clients with straight or sparse lashes, this eyelash extension style will perform well because it adds definition and intensity without the mess of mascara.

Arrow Lash Map

Half Set of Lashes🌟

Last but not least, we also have a Half Set of Lashes. You will only add eyelash extensions to around half of the natural lashes for this lash mapping style; this will provide a subtle yet striking look. It’s ideal for clients who wish to dabble in the world of lashes or who are new to eyelash extensions and want a natural enhancement with the ideal amount of volume and length for a delicate look.

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By mastering these advanced lash mapping styles, you'll be well-equipped to cater to diverse client desires and elevate your lash artistry in Toronto.

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