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The Extra Terrestrial Tweezer Collection


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Calling all the space cadets, the dreamers, the gals and gools with their heads in the clouds

The extra terrestrial tweezer collection has landed

You loved the “hocus pocus” tweezer collection so much we had to bring the matte black plasma tweezers back with a fun new twist

3 ICONIC NEW GAME CHANGERS in MATTE BLACK just in time for Halloween

your lash game is about to get spooky good, these boot style pick up tweezers are collabs of our best selling OG tweezers! We took The best features from each tweezer to make hybrids with the most superior tweezer genetics of them all

EYE SPY $36.39

“Eye spy” is a HYBRID between our two best sellers “FAN GIRL”+ “LASHGOD LUX” the super ribbed grip is perfect for all day lash techs! This Superior hold is unbeatable, hand tested, made in Japanese steel for durability. Matte black plasma coated! These tweezers will not tarnish! 4mm sweet spot, ideal for centre or tip fanning.

Space cadet $36.39

Take your isolation game to a new galaxy with “Space cadet”” the precision long arm tweezer inspired by surgical tweezers. The curvature of this tweezer angles the tips of the prongs right at the base of the natural lashes! Isolation near the root of the lash is the absolute best for lash health and precision application . Enjoy prongs double the length of your typical isolation tweezer. Tried and true for ALL isolation methods.

E.T.weezer $29.69

Our NEW “E tweezer” tweezer is a must have mash up of our infamous 9 hole grip “baby drip” tweezer + the “LASHGODLUX” ! This tech favourite will blow you away! All day comfort grip. 4mm fanning + pick up sweet spot! Coated in a non tarnish plasma matte black. Made in Japanese steel! These are the most durable tweezers! Keep them for years and years with correct maintenance!

Care instructions:

• To properly disinfect tweezers and prevent tarnishing of stainless steel tweezers should be disinfected as follows;

• 1. First wash with warm soapy water and then rinse thoroughly, dry tweezers completely and then place in disinfecting solution for 15 minutes (barbiside, 70% alcohol, PRE-empt cs20) rinse and dry completely!

• 2. Store tweezers with plastic tip nose to keep them in optimal condition!

• 3. Avoid dropping tweezers or using tweezers to remove sticky strips from your lash palette!

• 60 day warranty included

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