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Lashgod “Model Form” Face Trainer


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The team of Vietnamese Powerpuff girls at LASHGOD introduced us to this revolutionary product that’s wildly popular in Vietnam. The face trainer was originally invented in Tokyo By Dr.Akahiro not only does it mould the face it can also be used for facial exercise!


WHAT IS THE MODEL FORM FACE TRAINER? Like a bra defies gravity on breasts the face trainer makes the chin area warm, and compressed and pulls up the entire face without wrinkling the skin. The face trainer lies directly under the cheekbones giving the face a chiselled sculpt. This is a one-time investment that over time will maintain your youthful appearance! MODEL FORM FACE TRAINER helpS get rid of that double chin and sculpt those cheeks.


Exercise facial muscles by opening and closing the mouth/jaw 30-60 repetitions per day until desired results have been achieved.


This is a highly coveted in house beauty secret along with waist training! The female & male face is mouldable to an extent with facial exercise + sculpting + more control over our facial expressions/wrinkling.


This Is the perfect inexpensive facial regime that you’ll NOTICE & fall In love with


A model form can be warned FROM 30 min -3 hours per day. Start by wearing 30 mins per day! Each day increase the time subtly by 30 min And/ or 30-60 repetitions per day


 This is the END of sagging, the all-natural solution to sculpt your face! Exactly the same as a corset! Your face and body are mouldable! The way you speak and your facial expressions impact your facial symmetry, your posture and day-to-day life affect your stance and height! You can mould your face and body to an extent without any surgery! I advise all young ladies to try face trainers, and waist trainers FIRST to see the results you can get from constant wear! PAIR WITH LASHGOD CURVATURE WAIST TRAINER FOR FULL BODY RESULTS ????


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