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LASHGOD “Beauty sleeper” Memory Foam Aesthetic Pillow


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Listen up lash techs…there’s a new pillow in town and we call her the “beauty sleeper” made from a combination of memory foam and copper inspired by master sleep experts.


The “beauty sleeper” is designed for maximum comfort for both the client and the service provider. This copper-infused Memory foam combines elasticity and viscosity, it works with our body temperature! The heat we omit warms up the memory foam and allows it to slowly mould and contour to the neck + body shape within 1 minute. The elasticity allows the pillow to reform and return to its original shape within 1.5 minutes of no heat/ pressure. A small amount of copper gives this pillow the anti-bacterial property that allows it to remain hygienic throughout your lash day! Simply use a fresh paper, gauze sheet or pillowcase to cover the pillow! Machine washable, recommended air dry.


The Copper infusion allows this pillow to stay fresh even with constant body heat while the memory foam’s medium-thick cushion offers neck support that will guarantee the most comfortable lash nap your clients have ever experienced. The C shape of the pillow promotes neck stability and prevents the head from rotating during your appointment. This pillow was rated #1 in our in-house clinical trial by over 280 LASHGOD clients. This pillow was designed for a superior client experience. Beautiful aesthetics treatments in combination with the best lash nap available is a recipe for success.


This revolutionary pillow comes with a compact carrying bag that makes it easy for mobile appointment


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