Fancy Fella Men Strip Lashes


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Fancy fella lashes are cross-crossed, spiky men’s strips that imitate a wet lash look. These are slightly on the bolder side while still remaining masculine. These lashes were designed to look like a super full natural mends lash line. You always hear women say “men have the best lashes” this set of strips will blend perfectly with the natural lash. Receive compliments all day on your lush lashes, no one needs to know they’re strips. Ultra-thin band and the perfect combination of B and C curl. 


HAPPY November to all let’s kick off MOVEMBER the right way with the industry’s first strip lashes designed especially for MEN!!! MEN you thought we could forget about you?! It took a while but we could never….lets celebrate men’s health month the right way with the official kick-off of our men’s strip lashes 15% of all proceeds will be donated to @movember  charity. 


In a world that’s constantly changing and evolving men’s beauty.. needs to get with the times! MEN we know you want to look extra handsome and beautiful too! The lash industry is for both men and women these lashes are designed especially for the curvature of the masculine eye with 4 subtle styles you’ll love. These lashes are made from our signature hypoallergenic PBT fibres in a sleek blend of black and brown for an eye-catching lash look without being overwhelming. An ultra-thin band makes these babies easy to camouflage. 

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