The Variety of Nail Services We Offer at LASHGOD!

When you enter LASHGOD, you are treated to one of the top-class services in the beauty industry and can even learn some hands-on experience with the help of our courses! We do manicures and pedicures and offer services like facials, body services, lash extensions in North York, hair extensions, cupping therapy, and much more. 

Our team of beauty experts is highly trained in all areas and keeps progressing to learn new things, like so that we can pamper you to the fullest. We offer the following nail services:

  • Acrylic Enhancement – Refill (Short-medium)…..$75
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Overlay…..$75
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Refill (Long nails)…..$85
  • Acrylic Enhancement – full set (Short-medium)…..$85
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Refill (Extra long)…..$95
  • Acrylic Enhancement – full set (Long nails)…..$95
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Remove/Overlay…..$105
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Remove/full set (Short-medium)…..$115
  • Acrylic Enhancement – full set (Extra long)…..$110
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Remove/full set (Long nails)…..$125
  • Acrylic Enhancement – Remove/full set (Extra long)…..$140
  • Men’s Mani/Pedi Combo…..$80
  • Men’s Manicure…..$40
  • Men’s Pedicure…..$50
  • Exclusive Mani/Pedi (Shellac Polish)…..$200
  • Exclusive Mani/Pedi (Regular Polish)…..$170
  • Express Mani/Pedi Combo (Shellac Polish)…..$110
  • Kid’s Pedicure (Regular Polish)…..$30
  • Kid’s Manicure (Regular polish)…..$20
  • Biogel Enhancement – Refill (Short-medium)…..$75
  • Biogel Enhancement – Refill (Overlay)…..$80
  • Biogel Enhancement – Refill (Long nails)…..$85
  • Biogel Enhancement – full set (Short-medium)…..$90
  • Biogel Enhancement – Remove/Overlay…..$110
  • Biogel Enhancement – full set (Long nails)…..$100
  • Biogel Enhancement – Refill (Extra long)…..$105
  • Biogel Enhancement – Remove/full set (Short-medium)…..$120
  • Biogel Enhancement – full set (Extra long)…..$120
  • Biogel Enhancement – Remove/full set (Long nails)…..$130
  • Biogel Enhancement – Remove/full set (Extra long)…..$150
  • Signature Manicure – Cut and clean-up…..$20
  • Signature Manicure – Colour change (Regular polish)…..$30
  • Signature Manicure – Colour change (Shellac)…..$40
  • Signature Manicure – Manicure (Regular Polish)…..$50
  • Signature Manicure – Express Manicure (Shellac)…..$50
  • Signature Manicure – Manicure (Shellac)…..$60
  • Signature Manicure – Exclusive Manicure (Regular)…..$70
  • Signature Manicure – Lux Rose Manicure (Regular)…..$80
  • Signature Manicure – Exclusive Manicure (Shellac)…..$80
  • Signature Manicure – Lux Rose Manicure (Shellac)…..$100
  • Signature Mani/Pedi Combo (Shellac polish)…..$135
  • Signature Mani/Pedi Combo (Regular polish)…..$110
  • Signature Pedicure – Colour Change (Regular polish)…..$40
  • Signature Pedicure – Colour Change (Shellac)…..$50
  • Signature Pedicure – Express Pedicure (Shellac)…..$60
  • Signature Pedicure – Express Pedicure (Regular)…..$60
  • Signature Pedicure – Jelly Pedicure (Regular polish)…..$70
  • Signature Pedicure – Pedicure (Shellac)…..$75
  • Signature Pedicure – Jelly Pedicure (Shellac)…..$85
  • Signature Pedicure – Exclusive Pedicure (Regular)…..$100
  • Signature Pedicure – Lux Rose Pedicure…..$120
  • Signature Pedicure – Exclusive Pedicure (Shellac)…..$120
  • Signature Pedicure – Champagne Pedicure…..$150
  • Valentine’s Pedicure – (Shellac)…..$75
  • Toes Extention – Refill Toes…..$70
  • Toes Extention – full set Toes…..$80
  • Nail Designs – Simple Design From…..$10
  • Nail Designs – Extra Design From…..$30
  • Nail Designs – Glam Design From…..$50
  • Nail Repair – Nail Fix From…..$15
  • Safety Removal – Shellac Removal…..$20
  • Safety Removal – Biogel Removal…..$30
  • Safety Removal – Acrylic Removal…..$40

Why are We the Right Nail Service for You!

At LASHGOD, our clients always come first, and our well-trained beauty experts work hard to give you an aesthetic appeal. We are a leading luxury service provider and beauty supplier in Toronto, and along with beauty services, we also provide courses to learn all about the trade and try your hand at it too! Our high-quality service is possible because we always aim to give our clients a luxurious experience and pamper them completely from head to toe.

We provide beauty supplies and courses in all areas, from face to lashes to nails, hair, body, and much more. If you are looking to get a well-serviced and high-quality manicure in Toronto, check us out, and you will be guaranteed a positive and fun experience!

Get the Most Updated Nail Trend with Our Mani-Pedi Pampering Session Today!

Who doesn’t love to have long and beautiful nails, but it can be hard to figure out what kind of look would suit your nails best. That’s where we at LASHGOD come in! Our trained experts provide a luxurious quality service where we sit with our clients and go over all the possible options for a mani-pedi in Toronto.  You can get a simple french manicure done or try something different and new like a Luxe Shellac Rose Manicure or a champagne pedicure and an extreme glam set.

There are several options to choose from, and each session involves the utmost care, right from sanitization to application, disinfection, and accreditation. Our multi-certified artists pride themselves on quality services. We keep learning so we excel and deliver the best for all clients, whether it be professionals, students, homemakers, men, women, teenagers, etc. So whether you need a manicure, pedicure, facial, or hair extensions in Toronto, LASHGOD is at your service!

Book an Appointment With Us Today!

Get those hands and feet shining with our nail services at LASHGOD and stand out from the crowd! Call us at (647) 986-5064 or email us at

What kind of body services does LASHGOD offer?

LASHGOD prides itself on delivering quality service and results and making our clients happy in all areas. You can get a full spray tan, a butt-lift, a henna tattoo for the body, a tattoo for just one part, and more. Our cupping therapy in Toronto is quite a popular option where we use heated cups on the skin to create a local suction.

Are we able to buy any of your products?

You can purchase hair, nail, and other products on the LASHGOD site and get a variety of good products and services. Choose from hair extensions in several colours, colouring kits, nail brushes, crystal tips, clothing accessories at GirlGod, and much more! Go ahead and shop away today!

What kind of nail courses do you offer?

LASHGOD has several nail courses you can enroll in, like an acrylic nail masterclass which teaches you about the application, nail design, nail tech terminology, and more. There is also a DIY Polygel extension course that teaches you how to get the perfect gel extensions. The Biogel course shows application, ombre nail art, design, terminology, and more. Enroll in one of these classes today and perfect those beautiful nail designs!

Get that perfect nail art at LASHGOD!

Walk into LASHGOD for a wonderful and pleasant client service experience where we guarantee you complete satisfaction. You can choose any manicure or pedicure you like and try some new nail gel and design or some funky design and keep those nails shining for a long time. Our beauty experts will guide you on what you can choose from and what looks best according to your preferences. 

So come on in and get that perfect manicure and pedicure in Toronto today with our quality nail services at LASHGOD! If you’re looking for a full glam day, we also specialize in the best tape in hair extensions in Toronto.