The Variety of Lash Services We Offer at LASHGOD!

Our team of beauty experts is highly trained in all areas and keeps progressing to learn new things so that we can pamper you to the fullest. We offer the following lash services:

  • Pop of Colour…..$10
  • XXL Strip Lash Refill…..$100
  • XXL Strip Lash Full set….$200
  • Lash Glitter…..$10
  • Lash Gems…..$10
  • Bottom Lashes – Volume…..$60
  • Bottom Lashes – Hybrid…..$50
  • Bottom Lashes – Classic…..$40
  • Volume L Curl Lash Refill…..$110
  • Volume L Curl Set…..$200
  • L Curl Classic Lash Refill…..$80
  • L Curl Classic Full set…..$150
  • Touch-up…..$40
  • Classic Lash Full Set…..$140
  • Classic Lash Refill…..$70
  • Hybrid Lash Set…..$160
  • Hybrid Lash Refill…..$80
  • Volume Lash Full Set…..$180
  • MegaVolume Lash Set…..$200
  • MegaVolume Lash Refill…..$100
  • Extreme MegaVolume Lash Set…..$250
  • Extreme MegaVolume Lash Refill…..$120
  • Lash Removal…..$40
  • Volume Lash Refill…..$90
  • Lash Lift (no tint)…..$75

Why Go With LASHGOD?

Why should you choose LASHGOD for your lash extensions in downtown Toronto? Because we’re a team of true professionals who will give you the best possible results. Our multi-certified artists have decades of experience that go into crafting your look to be just what you’re looking for.

LASHGOD can also help you with a wide variety of nail, hair, lash, and aesthetics services. We’re also a body sculpting clinic in Toronto, meaning you can also take advantage of our professional body sculpting services, among so many other options that you can use to look and feel great!

LASHGOD is a luxury lash, nail, aesthetics, and hair salon in downtown Toronto. Our lash services are among the most celebrated in the city, with luxuriant eyelash extensions and simple yet stunning lash lifts and tinting. Whether you’re looking to change your look entirely or just make a slight alteration, our team has the skills and services needed to deliver just what you need.


The Most Luxurious Lash Extensions in Toronto!

LASHGOD is the place to go for all of your lash extension full sets and refills in Toronto. Our skilled lash technicians are true artists in their craft, helping you find the perfect lash extension option to fully complement and accentuate your natural beauty. You’re going to be stunned by the difference our lash extensions can make.

Our semi-permanent lash extensions use the finest materials for your faux lashes, giving you a seamless and stunning look. The professional team at LASHGOD pulls off eyelash extensions in Toronto flawlessly, ensuring you get the best possible look and the most durable lashes.

We carefully apply individual lashes with high-quality semi-permanent glue to your natural lashes. Due to the number of lashes we add for the fullest eyelashes, your appointment can take between one and two hours. It’s a relaxing experience where all you need to do is lay back and await your stunning results.

LASHGOD has lash extension options for everyone, whether you’re looking for something more subtle or truly bold. We offer our Classic, Hybrid, Volume, MegaVolume, and Extreme MegaVolume lashes. Of course, our technicians will be happy to go over your options and help you make the perfect choice for you individually.

Get Stunning Results From Our Lash Lift and Lash Tinting!

Along with our extensive range of eyelash extension options, our lash technicians can also provide you with stunning lash lifts and tinting. LASHGOD is the premier destination for a lash lift and tint in Toronto. You’ll be able to look your best for weeks with this simple and elegant service.

Our eyelash lifts help accentuate the full length of your natural lashes by expertly controlling the curve and contour. You can expect to see results last as long as six weeks from this lash service. Despite the luxurious results, a lash lift takes just around 45 minutes to an hour, barely more than it takes to get a manicure in Toronto’s downtown area.

You’ll be able to get even more amazing results from LASHGOD by combining a lash lift with lash tinting. This service will make such a shocking difference in your lashes. Our lash technician will apply a dye to your lashes, giving them a more noticeable tint. It adds just 15 minutes or so onto your lash lift, and the results will leave you in awe.

Lash lift and lash tinting could be just what you’re looking for to up your style without a big commitment. With the entire application taking just around an hour every six weeks or so, you could make our lash lift and lash tinting your go-to solution for long and beautiful lashes.