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Being in the lash tech industry, everyone knows how important lash adhesives are for us professionals. The lash adhesives we choose to use on our clients can make or break us.

Lash adhesives are used to attach false eyelashes to the natural lash line. They are typically made of a cyanoacrylate-based formula that dries quickly and forms a strong bond. Lash adhesives come in a variety of formulas, including clear, black, and brown. They also come in different levels of hold, so you can choose one that is right for your needs.

That is why it’s always important to choose a good quality lash adhesive! 


There are many benefits to using a good quality lash adhesive 🤗. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Longer-lasting lashes: A good lash adhesive will help your lashes stay put for longer 🕑, so you can enjoy your false lashes all day long without having to worry about them falling off 😱.
  • More comfortable wear: A good lash adhesive will be lightweight and comfortable to wear 😌, so you won’t even feel like you’re wearing false lashes 😉.
  • Less irritation: A good lash adhesive is less likely to irritate your eyes than a poor-quality adhesive 👀. This is important, especially if you have sensitive eyes 🤧.
  • Easy to apply: A good lash adhesive should be easy to apply 👌, even if you’re a beginner at applying false lashes 👩‍🎓.
  • Long-lasting formula: A good lash adhesive should have a long-lasting formula that won’t dry out or become sticky over time ⏳. This will ensure that your false lashes stay put for as long as you want them to 🥰.

You don’t have to doom scroll on the internet for other adhesives. LASHGOD has the perfect recommendation for you!



Our brand new “EVERLASTING EMPRESS” completely changes the lash game! This adhesive is specially designed for advanced professionals.

Our instant dry technology instantly polymerizes adhesive on contact and freezes upon contact with the moisture in the natural lash. Say goodbye to dry time and improve the quality of your work, no mess, Stickies, or prolonged isolation. Made from medical-grade cyanoacrylate and silicone polymer this adhesive is hypoallergenic and has extremely low fumes. Each drop of adhesive will last you 45min -1hr, with extremely slow oxidization time in glue rings, palettes, and jade stones!

This adhesive is extremely flexible even when dry and comfortable on the natural lash. Our silicone polymer makes our adhesive oil resistant for the longest retention possible. Each bottle will last you 2x as long, and lash artists will require significantly less adhesive per application.

Everlasting Empress Master Adhesive boasts instant binding to the moisture present in the natural lash, ensuring a reliable hold. It is also resistant to oils, which enhances its longevity. It is important to note that this product is recommended exclusively for advanced professionals due to its specialized nature. Additionally, it features a low fume formula, prioritizing comfort during application. When unopened, this product can be stored for up to 4 months, and once opened, it remains viable for 3 months. The maximum potential storage time for this product is 7.5 months. It is composed of medical grade ingredients, underscoring its quality and safety. Furthermore, this product is manufactured bi-weekly and is stored for a maximum of 14 days in a controlled environment to ensure its freshness.

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