About Our Spray Tan Services -

LASHGOD offers many high-end beauty services and products for all our clients, and we deliver optimum results. At our lash bar in Toronto, you can get lash extensions, lash tints, refills and more! We also have hair services, manicures, pedicures, facials, and body sculpting. Among the variety of body services and programs, we also offer the following services:


  • TANGOD Signature spray tan (light – medium tan) $80
  • TANGOD Sunny Bunny spray tan (medium- dark tan) $85
  • TANGOD Stage Ready spray tan $95 (ultra dark tan for those is competitive competitions)
  • TANGOD Booster – Anti-aging $5
  • TANGOD Booster – Skin Firming $5
  • TANGOD Booster – Golden Sunset $5 (Shimmer drops)
  • TANGOD Booster – Miami Beach $5 (DHA concentrate)

Tangod Membership

  • Membership 1: 3 spray tans for $215
  • Membership 2: 5 spray tans for $320
  • Membership 3: 8 spray tans for $480

All memberships include one additional spray tan on us

How LASHGOD Can Help You Achieve Your Body Goals!

We at LASHGOD always aim to make our clients look and feel good about themselves. As a leading modern beauty service and supply, our main focus is to provide all the amazing men and women out there with a great time and high-quality service. We focus on hair services, body sculpting and cupping, butt-lifts, manicures and pedicures, lash extensions, and much more as part of our many services. Our body sculpting clinic in Toronto is one of the most recognized clinics in Toronto, where we help you reshape or eliminate body fat and make you feel more confident about yourself!

Our beauty experts are certified and well-trained in all areas and can easily do a manicure as well as cupping therapy. We guide you through the entire process and help you choose what suits you best. You can check out our programs online or at our salon. All our products are high-grade and luxurious and suited to pamper you to the core!

Take Your Body to the Next Level With Our High-End Services

For most of us in this stressful modern world, it gets hard to keep track of our mental and physical well-being. We gain a little extra pounds here and there or are too tired after work to hit the gym. Our body services aim at helping you deal with these issues confidently and positively. For body sculpting in Toronto, you can opt for body reshaping and contouring or have extra skin or fat eliminated.

You can also go in for a butt-lift or opt for our cupping therapy in Toronto, where we use special cups to create a suction in your body and relieve any pain or inflammation, so you feel well-rested and at ease. All our beauticians use high-grade products and are well-equipped to handle these procedures with ease. They are constantly learning new techniques and skills and always make the client feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible.

Call Us Today for an Appointment

Call us today at (647) 986-5064 or email us at lashgodinquiry@gmail.com to enjoy some of our luxe and superior body services!

Does LASHGOD offer facial treatments?

LASHGOD does offer a variety of services for your body and face, including facial treatments in North York, body sculpting and cupping therapy in Toronto. All our beauticians are well-trained to handle any kind of service and deliver excellent results. You can relax at our facial spa in Toronto while our beautician pampers your skin and leaves you glowing!

What kind of business courses do you offer?

At LASHGOD, we also believe in education and empowerment along with beauty services and supplies. We offer a business course for our clients to learn how to make their small business ideas into a media-based empire. You can completely take your business online and make it a global name. We also help you understand financial planning and help with growth strategies and long-term success!

Enjoy a Beautiful and Confident You with LASHGOD

Take a walk down to our salon, and we will help you transform your look to create a more bold and confident you. You can renew the body shape you want, get a luxurious facial, manicure, hair extensions, lash extensions or even relieve pain and inflammation with high-quality cupping therapy.

There is so much to choose from, and we are ready to help you every step of the way! Join us today at LASHGOD to enjoy a revolutionary transformation!