Self-Fanning is the Way to Go with Our Easy Fanning Lashes

Say goodbye to extra long lash appointments and hello to easy fanning lashes that bloom with a needle-thin base for maximum client comfort and amazing retention!

Here are a few things you need to know about self-fanning!


Self-fanning is a technique used by lash technicians to create volume lash fans that are already fanned out at the base. This saves time and effort, as lash artists no longer need to manually fan out each lash. Self-fanning lashes are made up of multiple layers of individual lashes that are attached by a tiny amount of adhesive. When the lashes are picked up with tweezers, the adhesive causes them to spread out and create a perfect fan.

There are several reasons why lash technicians might choose to use self-fanning lashes. 

First, they can save time. Manually fanning out each lash can be time-consuming, especially when you are working on a large set. Self-fanning lashes can help you to complete a set more quickly, which can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

Second, self-fanning lashes can help you to create more consistent fans. When you manually fan out lashes, it can be difficult to get them all to fan out evenly. This can lead to uneven sets, which can be unsightly. Self-fanning lashes are more consistent, which means that you can create more uniform sets.

Finally, self-fanning lashes can help you to create more dramatic looks. If you want to create a set with a lot of volumes, self-fanning lashes can help you to achieve that look.




Introducing our new ultra thick ultra dark easy fanning cashmere lashes available in .03 & .05 volume thickness + mixed trays and single length trays.

🪐Our revolutionary NEW self fanning trays require no fanning method, simply pick them up off the strip with the tips of your tweezers and watch them bloom into a perfectly symmetrical volume fan.

⭐️ obviously!! 100% hypoallergenic, vegan, manufactured in our sterile facility. All LASHGOD lashes are made from the highest quality PBT fibres. Curled over a span of 3.5 weeks to maintain curl integrity for the full duration of attachment + 2.5 year shelf life in their packaging with proper storage!

How to apply self-fanning lashes

There are a few different techniques that you can use to use self-fanning lashes. One popular technique is the “shimmy” technique. To use this technique, simply pick up the lash with your tweezers and shimmy it back and forth. The adhesive will cause the lashes to spread out and create a fan.

Another technique that you can use is the “lean and pick” technique. To use this technique, pick up the lash close to the base and lean it over. Then, use your tweezers to pick the lashes open. This technique is good for easily manipulating each individual lash so that the fan opens up evenly.

Here are a few tips for using self-fanning lashes:

  • Make sure that you are using the right size lashes for the client’s natural lashes.
  • Apply the lashes close to the lash line.
  • Use a good-quality adhesive.
  • Be careful not to over-fan the lashes.

Self-fanning lashes can be a great way to save time and create more consistent and dramatic volume lash sets. If you are a lash technician, I encourage you to give them a try.

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