Raquel and The classic L curl full set A Love Story…

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Bonjour babes, I’m reporting this beauty diary live from Mexico. I’m a on a lil romantic 3 day getaway with the the Meal Man and that’s Precisely the reason I needed a beautiful, natural lash set. Whenever I vacation with Andrei it involves little to no makeup, hiking 30,000 steps daily and wearing minimalistic clothing.

Historically on our vacations I would get a lash lift (which I absolutely love) and wear blush + lip liner & reapply 2-3x daily because the heat in Mexico, especially at this time of the year.. makes you sweat off your makeup within a maximum of two hours.

This time around the vibe was no makeup, hair in braids (shoutout to Stavro from HAIRGOD. And a gorgeous set of L curl lashes that makes my eyes look feline and upturned.

In my world, for my personal style and years of experimentation the only lash enhancements i will allow to exist on my face are L curl sets and lash lifts.

L curl lashes gave a gal super powers…

the way L curl enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel so incredibly beautiful I’s something you have to experience to understand. L curl is my holy grail, they are newish to the lash industry and super underrated.

Firstly it doesn’t look like I have lash extensions on its so natural but completely took my beauty to a new level, L curl lashes are literally in the shape of an L so they sit flat on the natural lash and point straight up, the result is a hybrid between tinker belle and an extraterrestrial goddess walking on earth.

When you feel gorgeous, the confidence that comes with that is a super power. One thing about me.. I talk to strangers… I make connections daily.. I create my life experience completely uninhibited
I’m have a “look and feel beautiful everyday policy” , the result in opportunity, networking and gaining clients is Immeasurable. 30 minutes daily dedicated to getting ready, choosing a functional outfit I feel confident in and getting beauty services at our salon that make my daily beauty regime quick and simple;
-lash extension or lash lift
-mani + pedi
-wash, blow dry + hair style 2x weekly
-brow wax + lamination monthly

Truly, getting ready everyday, feeling gorgeous and taking incredible care of yourself will change your life in all the best ways.

Anyhow~ back to my lashes!Check out my lash map and anti allergy process below⤵️

I opted for my favourite set of lash extensions this time around;
~ 👁 L curl classic set
~🫶🏻8mm-12mm in length with the ends tapered using 10mm
~ 💧 super natural bond adhesive + curematic primer + sealed before + after
(I have a cyanoacrylate intolerance from nearly a decade of so much adhesive fume exposure and contact from doing my clients lashes) so the combination of curematic + supernatural bond adhesive is the only compound that works for me
(Super natural bond is oil based, free of cyanoacrylate, and has an instant on contact dry time) Curematic dehydrates all the moisture from the adhesive bond after application, it dries the adhesive to the core – a comparison i like to use is: imagine regular nail polish Vs Shellac, using lash adhesive without a really good primer/sealant is uncured and moist for a longer period of time whilst Curematic dries those babies like shellac.

If you are debating between lash extensions for a lash lift consider the maintenance involved with each; lash extensions typically require 2.5-4 week refill maintenance whilst I typically refresh my lash lift every 2-3 months!

Long lash tech rant LOL
If you babes liked this unconventional blog post written exactly how I speak, unfiltered and uninhibited, please let me know and i will continue to write more on beauty, health, wellness, fitness and whatever i thinks is important to share!

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