Zema Cure


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Capacity: 20ml

Zema cure has been a long time in the making, it contains a unique combination of vitamins that replenish the skins natural moisture with a small level of Cortisone to relieve dry & itchy and irritated skin instantly. This product has been tested of very severe cases of eczema and was discovered by our founder after years of severe facial eczema and trying absolutely every ointment and cream available on the market. This cream requires only short term usage and cures majority of eczema cases. Not recommended for children because the small amount of Cortisone.

Zema cure on average takes two days of day + night use to start showing significant results. Because Eczema usually flairs up periodically due to stress, each treatment will require short term use, if you experience additional flair ups continue to use zema cure for 2-7 days until the eczema prone area has cleared up.

Often eczema patients typically have one of two things; an over reactive immune system that responds to internal and external triggers by creating inflammation and/or a mutation of the gene responsible for creating filaggrin.

Fliaggrin is the protein responsible for helping our bodies maintain a healthy protective barrier on the top layer of the skin. The Zema cure vitamin blend can help normalize fliaggrin levels for long term healthy skin that is free of itchiness, redness and dryness.


Zinc, vitamin E, probiotics, whipped borage oil, .05% Cortisone