You So Marilyn Strip Lashes


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A sexy classic cat eye that starts with a wispy diagonal blend on the inner corners and gets darker and denser towards the outer corner. Starting at a C+ curl and feather blending into a D and D+ towards the core. This sultry look will be a must have in your makeup roster. 15.5 mm at the longest point. 


Introducing for the first time ever the lashgod jet black strip lash collection. This iconic launch has been anticipated by the lash community since the beginning of LASHGOD. Made from the exact same hypoallergenic premium quality PBT fibres as our world famous professional lash extensions . Years in the making we created these lash bands lightweight and durable made from 100% tight knit cotton. The bands can last up to 25 applications, compatible with any temporary liquid adhesive or eyeliner adhesive. Each one of our strip lashes is a custom blend of curls designed to mimic our most coveted semi permanent lash extension looks. We are the first master lash technicians to develop strip lashes based on the world most popular and trending lash looks. Our lash extensions make the natural female eye look exotic and upturned by following the natural inner and outer corner human eye structure. The lashes start short and tapered + slightly less curly on the inner corner to accentuate the deep inners and upturned and curlier on the outer corners to give an exotic fox eye look. 


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