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XL Lymphatic Massage Brush and Loofa


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XL lymphatic massage brush and loofa

Your shower just got a whole lot more relaxing and beneficial. This long brush is perfect for doing a full body manual lymphatic drainage treatment on yourself every morning!

If you ever feel tired or lazy chances are your lymphatic fluid isn’t migrating to the lymph nodes quick enough. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing all of the toxic fluids and cells out of your body, by quarantining harmful disease and pathogens in the lymph nodes where they will then be flushed out through your urinary system.

Lymphatic movement is on the decline as people are less and less active each year. The best types of lymphatic drainage come from wet + dry brushing, wood therapy and activity!

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This all in one XL body brush gives you the ability to dry brush before you shower, wet brush in the shower and also use the word therapy head of the tool to work on stubborn cellulite!

Simply start at the extremities; your feet and hands and work your way towards the heart! This will improve circulation, blood flow & The movement of your lymphatic fluid!

Many people underestimate the power of a high-quality loofa and lymphatic tool in the shower! This will make you feel more energetic, awake and less sore!

The 2 foot handpiece allows you to do lymphatic drainage and cleanse your back easily!

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