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The #LASHGOD Multifunctional Pillow


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The 2023 edition of LASHGOD MULTIFUNCTIONAL PILLOW version 2.0 is here.
The gadget every lash technician needs to experience.
Our worldwide lash tech favourite, “Multifunctional pillow” is back and better than ever with our new ergonomic design making this the most comfortable lash experience for both the technician and client.
Version 2 features a control panel with a variety of useful functions.
1.3 levels of white light setting; dim light, moderate brightness and level 3 full bright light. The arm is flexible and can be moved as close or as far away from the client as preferred by the technician.
2. The lamp capabilities include a 3-speed fan to dry your client’s lashes effortlessly with just the click of a button.
3. The light options also include a UV curing Red light set that helps harden and dry black lash adhesive to the core, expiring the curing process without shock curing ( to be used for a maximum of 10 minutes in contribution with the fan setting to prevent over curing)
4. The purple/ blue light setting aids in curing clear adhesives that polymerizes lash adhesive to the core within 2 minutes. ( to be used for a maximum of 10 minutes in contribution with the fan setting to prevent over-curing)
The material composition of our Multifunctional pillow is out of Our coined memory foam + copper design for its luxurious comfort combined with the disinfectant properties of copper threading.
Ultra soft offering neck support.
Black in colour.
Twice the width of our original design.
Complete with a storage pocket to hold your accessories and often-used tools.
52CM X 34cm X 15.5cm
Net weight: 2.3kg
Voltage: AC 100V-240V

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