The #LASHGOD Multi Function Super Pillow



The LASHGOD multi-function super pillow, lash innovation at its finest 


•This pillow is made from copper, silk and memory foam. Client comfort and the client experience is everything to us. The soft copper Ion infused pillow is a natural disinfectant, we understand the high turn over rate of clients coming in to see you on a daily basis. The vegan leather pillowcase allows for a 3 million stroke wipe capacity for you can disinfect with alcohol after every client without tarnishing your beloved pillow. 


• This amazing super pillow has 3 white light settings, from soft to bright, gentle on your eyes and your client’s eyes, with brighter capacity for perfect photos after the set. 


• The red light function polymerizes black adhesive from the inside out and can be used through the application whenever your clients feel irritation from the fumes, on the reverse our blue light function polymerizes clear adhesive instantly for extra sensitive clients that require a black pigment-free adhesive. 


• 3 fan settings add an element of unique luxury to your appointment, the days of telling your client to hold the fan are behind us! 


• This pillow is reversible and can be used for right and left-handed technicians


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