Rosie Tweezer Duo


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OG STAR BABY In Rose Our ultra-fine design from our 2018-2019 collection has been highly requested and coveted by our LASHGOD fam for years. We finally brought the OG star baby tweezer back in a new Rosie colourway. This ultra-fine tweezer is made from durable, non-tarnishing, Japanese steel. Perfect for precision pick up and isolation, super light in weight and sturdy. The tight grip prongs keep every fibre picked up secure for less waste and easier fanning.


THE ROSIE ROMANTIC surgical tweezer The Rosie romantic surgical tweezer is the first of its kind with a 5mm sweet spot, precision pickup at the tip. A highly coveted tweezer form for 2021 and 2022. Extremely comfortable for the hand and wrist. Extra long for all day lashing. Made from durable, non tarnishing, Japanese steel. Japanese’s steel is extra light weight and extremely long lasting. Waste less fibres and make fans effortlessly with the Rosie romantic.


60 days do not rust warranty. LASHGOD is not responsible for dropped or compromised tweezer caused by client’s used.