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Ladies and Gents LASHGOD X NAILGOD X MODERN AESTHETIC COLLEGE are very proud to be registered distributors of the entire PREempt line! You all loved that we started to distribute 1 litre bottles of CS20 now we have the entire PREempt line available in; 1L, 3.78L and wipes!


PRE-empt is an in house favourite because it is the ONLY line of disinfectants powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. Kills germs in as little as 3 minutes. Guarantees you a pass for inspection. Eco-friendly and breaks down in water and oxygen. PRE-empt should ONLY be purchased from registered retailers as there are a ton of dupes on the market that don’t biodegrade when they touch water and oxygen like the REAL Accelerated hydrogen peroxide formulation. Disinfect responsibly with PREempt!


This product is for certified professionals ONLY, post COVID 19 we are entering a new era of cleanliness where all consumers will expect superior attention to detail and high level disinfection for tools as well as surfaces. Each and every single client should see surfaces, handles and tools go through a perfect disinfection before each service. HLD surface cleaner is necessary as well as high even disinfectant soaks for all tools. All tools should be placed in a single use sterile pouch for each client and all service beds, tables and chairs must be wiped down and/or draped with a gauze sheet or medical paper sheet. Take your business to the next level by showing your clients medical level disinfection from you studio or home studio! ALWAYS read the label and instructions before using.


PREempt: HLD5- 3.78 L HLD 5 is a massive time saver for lash, nail and beauty utensil disinfection. This 2% accelerated hydrogen peroxide allows perfect disinfection in only 5 minutes without the use of harsh chemicals. This liquid disinfectant can be reused in a soaking tray for up to 14 days. It kills off its own bacteria saving you both time and money. 12 month shelf life. Made from biodegradable ingredients that break down in water and oxygen


PREempt RTU 1L + PREempt RTU 3.78L RTU can be used for circulating and non circulating foot baths as well as non tarnishing surfaces in your beauty business such as countertops, door handles, toilets, sinks and tubs. 24 month shelf life


RTU wipes: 160 wipes per container: RTU wipes are great for deep cleaning and high level disinfection of surfaces. Use RTU wipes for bathroom cleaning of toilets, tubs, sinks. Use for foot baths and manicuring bowls, door handles, and desk tops. A necessary surface level disinfectant for health inspections.


PREempt cs20 1L + PREempt CS20 3.78 L CS20 is a 20 mixture extremely high level disinfectant that takes the place of a heat sterilizer. It’s ready to use, no mixing required and can be used for a ton of beauty tools such as; nail clippers, drill bits, cuticle pushers and nippers, metal foot files, tweezers, razor handles, comedone extractors, micro blading handles and body contour suction cups. 12 month shelf life. Made from Biodegradable ingredients that break down in water and oxygen! Available in 1L and 4L

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