Nailgod Acrylic Brush




our newest edition to the NAILGOD brush line and a must have for your tool kit. Acrylic made easy with the perfect shaping tool.




The right brush can completely transform your nail game. This brush was designed and perfected by our founder Bambi Nailgod. Comfortable for all day hold, designed with the perfect flathead brush tip to perfectly shape and round the nail plate for a beautifully finished, LASTING & well bonded acrylic application.


Made from the finest 100% kolinsky sable hair + pure wooden handle

available in two sizes #14 & #16


The Acrylic pro brush is strong enough to push and mould the acrylic yet flexible enough to smooth the final touches and create the optimal shape and symmetry!

How to use: 
Store this product and upright position exposed to air! Natural sable hair brushes need airflow to dry completely and prevent mould! 
2. Keep your brushes out of direct sunlight


Keep handles dry as often as possible and when not on use to  prevent them from splitting/ cracking or loosening from the fibres

3. When dipping your brush head into liquid or cleaner ensure you stay 3-4 mm between the cusp where the fibres and wood are bonded for maximum longevity

4. hairs shedding from your new brush is normal as these are natural hairs! 60-80 additional hairs or factored into the brush design for fall out! Once the brush is broken in the shedding will stop!


5. Always clean thoroughly after each use with brush cleaner or acrylic liquid! Please not: DO NOT USE ACETONE! as acetone will remove the shine from the brush bristle and make the acrylic tacky and will build up residue. Remove as much moisture as possible and reshape before storing!

6.Always rinse the sable hairs thoroughly with brush cleaner or water/ soapy water mixture before use

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