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Our original Ultra fine precision tweezers are back by popular demand
Enjoy them in 90°, Curved and 45° isolation. Our limited edition psychedelic orange mushroom embossed grip is SO comfortable for all-day lashing. Made from non-tarnishing stainless steel
Ideal for classic, hybrid, Russian volume and volume fanning + placement. Elevate your lash craft with your new favourite tweezers ️
We make excellent lash products just for you
Non-tarnish stainless steel, grip perfection with embossed mini mushrooms. Please note: squish grip coating will come off if soaked in acetone or pre-empt for long periods of time! Disinfect stainless steel edging in high-level disinfectant & spray the rest of the tweezer with 70% alcohol
The MAJIK tweezer trio…
Enjoy all 3 for $90 CAD
Our Dainty curved, squish grip, mushroom embossed all-in-one pickup + isolation tweezer. Enjoy a moderate curve with medium thickness and durable prongs that pick up and fan lashes perfectly every time. Ideal for the shimmy method, pinch method, on-strip fanning & Russian volume. The tweezer you’ll be reaching for time and time again, chakra ethically sourced to Crystal wrist chain included!
Our mid-length, squish grip, mushroom embossed isolation tweezers combines the best of a straight tweezer and obtuse-angled isolation tweezer for seamless isolation directly at the base of the natural lash. Effective for use over long periods of time, designed for wrist, hand and finger comfort. Chakra ethically sourced Crystal wrist chain included!
Our most requested, in-demand,
Original 90° ultra-thin, precise pickup, squish grip, mushroom embossed pick-up tweezer. Perfect for ladies and gents, two love moulding and sculpting the perfect fan. Enjoy picking up to 25 fibres with ease. Bloom fans like butter. Chakra authentic + ethically sourced crystal wrist chain included

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