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Lashgod Everlasting Empress Master Adhesive


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Our brand new “EVERLASTING EMPRESS” completely changes the lash game. This adhesive is specially designed for advanced professionals. Our instant dry technology instantly polymerizes adhesive on contact and freezes upon contact with the moisture in the natural lash. Say goodbye to dry time and improve the quality of your work, no mess, Stickies, or prolonged isolation. Made from medical-grade cyanoacrylate and silicone polymer this adhesive is hypoallergenic and has extremely low fumes. Each drop of adhesive will last you 45min -1hr, with extremely slow oxidization time in glue rings, palettes and jade stones! This adhesive is extremely flexible even when dry and comfortable on the natural lash. Our silicone polymer makes our adhesive oil resistant for the longest retention possible. Each bottle will last you 2x as long, and lash artists will require significantly less adhesive per application.



-instantly binds to the moisture in the natural lash

-oil resistant

-for advanced professionals only

-low fume

-4 months storage unopened

-3 months of storage opened

-7.5-month maximum storage potential

-medical grade ingredients

-manufactured bi-weekly and stored for a maximum of 14 days in the house

-8-9 week retention (factor in natural lash shedding

-Dry time: 0.5 second

-Humidity range 20% -80%

-Ideal temperature: 15-21 degrees Celsius


-Store in your provided pouch with silica gel to absorb any moisture

-Keep out of direct sunlight and excessive heat

-Store between 25% -80% humidity

-The best storage is between 15° and 24°C

-Store for 5 months unopened, enjoy for 2.5 months open (see pro tips to prolong shelf life)

-Store at room temperature, fridge storage is not recommended!




•Adhesive chemicals become dormant and separate inside of the bottle and they are not being used, make sure to always shake adhesive for one minute before using, after dispensing your drop of adhesive turn the bottle back upright squeeze all excess oxygen out of the bottle onto a nozzle wipe, continue to squeeze, wipe the nozzle clean and apply the cap while still squeezing the bottle to ensure no oxygen is on your adhesive!

•PAIR with LASHGOD magnetic bond retention extender for the quickest finish and seamless Russian volume application

•Using with glue rings and adhesive palettes

• enjoy servicing approximately 50 clients per bottle


INGREDIENTS: 2-cyanoacrylate, 2-methoxyethyl, dimethyl silicone Polymer


SIZE: 5ml




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