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NEW NEW gorgeous miss “Kittanie” tweezer is sharp, seamless prongs that close perfectly, this tweezer screams precision. The sweet spot is 4.5mm long throughout the entire nose! As always our tweezers are manufactured from the highest quality and most durable Japanese steel resistant to drops and rusting. Enjoy this tweezer for years with perfect care! KITTIE features effortless Fanning for Russian volume, mega volume, the extreme mega volume it can also be used for classic placement and bottom lashes! This tweezer is plasma coated in pink for a comfortable grip all day. If you’re looking to elevate your lash game this precision tweezer is perfect for you.


60 days do not rust warranty. LASHGOD is not responsible for dropped or compromised tweezers caused by the client used.

Please note our gummy grip tweezers should only be soaked in preempt up until the point of the colour coating then they should be disinfected with 70% alcohol! If the gummy coding is soaked in high level disinfectant it will peel off!

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