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“Baby Skin Mini” Dry Exfoliant Brush


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Dry brushing unclogs pores and exfoliates all dead skin off the skin surface. It helps to detoxify your skin and body by increasing blood circulation and activating the nervous system. Dry brushing is amazing for lymphatic drainage and helps to get lymph fluid to the lymph nodes quicker and more efficiently. Resulting in less bloating, puffiness and fewer toxins in the body.


Our dry brush is a must-have for any woman or man looking to have healthy baby soft skin. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, to preserve youth it needs to be taken care of constantly. Dry brushing has become wildly poplar in the last two years for its instant and long term benefits.


100% natural Agave bristles are firm yet gentle on the skin.



How to use: always use your dry brush just before you shower and wash off all dead skin cells and flaky skin after. Dry brushing should always be done on dry skin rather than in the shower because hot water inflames your skin and strips away oils, fats and proteins, in combination with an exfoliating brush it can cause redness and itching. Start at your feet and work your way up avoiding any cuts, bruises, moles and skin abnormalities. Starting at the extremities like hands and feed working your way towards the mid section directs blood flow back to the heart and organs. Blood flow at the tips of our fingers and toes is the most dormant and hardest to redirect back to the heart, dry brushing maintains a healthy blood flow and makes you feel more awake and energetic from increased lymphatic flow. Slow moving lymph fluid can made us feel tired and sluggish.


-Dry brushing aids in breaking down superficial fats and cellulite for overall smoother skin.


-Our self care line was introduced to bring you products that work to make you look and feel beautiful. Pair this product with you favourite oil and body butter for instantly silky,soft skin.


-Use your dry brush on the bottom of you feet in between pedicures for soft, supple feet.


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