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NEW100% natural RARE agate slice lash and nail palette coaster with gold plating. Charged with superpowers, each palette Hans its Part of our decor collection. The nature of agate means no one palette is like another, each palette varies slightly in size, shape and characteristics. Some palettes are slightly translucent in certain areas, others are more opaque, all are simply beautiful

We’re so excited about our new AGATE SLICE weighted palettes, luxurious, beautiful to look at and the perfect design element for any space. Multi-purpose; lash + nail palette, can be used for burning and displaying candles and as a luxurious coaster or plant/ cactus display.


Available in multiple colourways; purple amethyst, rose quartz, south jade, blue Lapis, and deep purple aventurine.


-Purple amethyst palette properties; confidence and calmness. Protection from negativity, stress and anxiety.


-Rose quartz blend: the stone of universal love, purifies and opens the heart, deep inner healing, friendship and peace.


-South Jade: attracts good luck and friendship. It stabilizes the personality, calms the mind and releases heavy and negative vibrations.


-Blue Lapis: connection to cosmic wisdom, deep calm and meditative states. Helps to align truth and integrity. The colour represents royalty, power and mystery.


-Deep Purple aventurine: increases wealth and abundant flow, stimulates mind body and soul, high energy stone with a protective nature.


-Green agate: Increases compassion, generosity and can improve decision making. Green agate can also improve infections and sickness.



*Please keep in mind every single palette is slighted from an all-natural ethically sourced Agate stone and each and every palette is slightly different and beautifully unique


*disinfect with 70%,90% or 100% alcohol

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