Nail Art Trends That Are Dominating 2022

Bright and bedazzled nails have never been so popular. The 2020s have seen nail art truly take off thanks to social media. 

At LASHGOD, we’re seeing requests for all sorts of extravagant displays. Our nail artists have also been hard at work developing their own unique and creative designs to share with our clients. 

If you’re looking for your next nail art idea, then you’ll be happy to know we have some of this year’s best picks. Perfect for applying to natural, gel or acrylic nails, these nail designs are sure to add a pop of colour, shine, and creativity to your everyday look. 

Chrome Colours

Long or short, striking chrome nails are one of the hottest trends we’ve seen this year. Displays of iridescent lustre and duo-chrome lacquers are a current must-have this summer. Next time you need your nails done, consider showing off your perfect manicure with a chrome finish that’s sure to wow.  

Funky French Tips

French manicures are making a comeback! This beloved nail trend from the early aughts is one of the latest styles to completely dominate the industry. Subtle yet elegant, french tips can look good with any fashion style and are suitable for any occasion. 

Despite the classic tips being a preferred look, we’re also seeing plenty of requests for french manicures with a twist! Nowadays, it’s trendy to sport these perfectly crisp tips with funky colours and patterns. Try your next french manicure with a dazzling outline or pastel hue. 

Colour Combo Swirls

These groovy nail designs typically feature bold colours in a swirling pattern. Like modern art for your hands, this nail trend adds a bit of excitement and flair to your outfit. Choose contrasting colours for a more bold look or pair shades of your favourite colours for a design that feels more personal. 

Whatever you choose, this funky nail trend is sure to complement your summer wardrobe. 

French Pearls

This trend merges the traditional french manicure with tiny glue-on pearls. The small, luminous spheres give an intriguing, 3D effect that also glistens in the light. The ultimate display of luxury and elegance, french pearls are perfectly paired with chic and contemporary outfits. 

Sport this look for your next brunch out with the girls, or dress them up for a summer wedding!


Decorating nails with rhinestones has been a popular trend for about as long as modern nail art has been around. Luckily, this style is showing no signs of slowing down in 2022. The options are truly endless when it comes to using rhinestones to bedazzle your nails, since you can choose any colour, pattern, or design, abstract or otherwise. 

Whether you’re decorating your own naturally long nails or a professional gel set, rhinestones can elevate any nail look and be used to express your own personal flair. Next time you need a fresh, new look, think about trying a jewel-filled design in a neutral colour palette. 

Get Creative With Your Nails 

Whether you like a subtle nude finish or are all about showing off the most elaborate designs, nails can be the perfect canvas for expressing your style. With a variety of modes and materials to choose from, nail design options are truly limitless. 

Whether you want to stick to a trendy style or think outside the box, the nail techs at LASHGOD are ready to make your dreams a reality. Call our Don Mills location today at 647-986-5064 or book an appointment online. Our team can’t wait to get creative with you and your nails!

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