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Beautiful aesthetic treatments in combination with the best lash nap available is a recipe for success.

That’s why the lash pillow you use for your clients are equally as important as all your other beauty equipment! You wouldn’t want your client feeling uncomfortable the whole time you’re giving them lash treatments.

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Reasons to Get a Lash Pillow

Lash pillows, also called lash extension pillows or lash support pillows, play a crucial role in the eyelash extension field. These specialized pillows offer comfort and support during lash application. Discover the importance of lash pillows, from enhancing client satisfaction to promoting extension longevity. ✨💖

1. Comfort during the procedure: Lash extensions require clients to lie down with their eyes closed for an extended period. Lash pillows provide ergonomic neck and head support, ensuring client comfort throughout the process and minimizing discomfort and neck strain.🌟😌

2. Extension longevity: Lash pillows stabilize the head and neck, minimizing unnecessary movement during the bonding process. By offering a stable surface, lash pillows help the extensions bond properly, leading to longer-lasting results. ⏳🔒

3. Client satisfaction: Lash pillows contribute to a positive experience, providing comfort and relaxation. Satisfied clients are more likely to return for future appointments, increasing customer retention and loyalty. 😊🤝💕

4. Safety and hygiene: Lash pillows feature removable, washable pillowcases, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. This helps maintain safety standards, reducing the risk of infections and allergic reactions. 🧼✨🏥

In summary, lash pillows are essential for eyelash extensions, offering comfort, eye protection, and extension longevity. They enhance client satisfaction, promote safety and hygiene, and contribute to the overall success of lash salons. By incorporating lash pillows into your services, you can create a comfortable and professional atmosphere that keeps clients coming back. 💫 👁️ 💖


Your Must Have at LASH GOD -- “Beauty Sleeper” Memory Foam Aesthetic Pillow

There’s a pillow in town and we call her the “beauty sleeper” made from a combination of memory foam and copper inspired by master sleep experts. This amazing revolutionary lash pillow works with our body temperature to allow the pillow to mold comfortably with our neck, head, and back 🧘🏻‍♀️

This luxury pillow naturally uses its copper element to kill bacteria and remain clean throughout your work day.🧼 It’s designed for maximum comfort for both the client and the service provider.

The copper-infused Memory foam combines elasticity and viscosity, it works with our body temperature! A small amount of copper gives this pillow the anti-bacterial property that allows it to remain hygienic throughout your lash day! We still recommend to cover your lash pillow + bed with a disposable sheet to keep your service experience 100% clean and sanitary. 💧

The Copper infusion also allows this pillow to stay fresh even with constant body heat while the memory foam’s medium-thick cushion offers neck support that will guarantee the most comfortable lash nap your clients have ever experienced. The C- shape of the pillow promotes neck stability and prevents the head from rotating during your appointment.

This revolutionary pillow comes with a compact carrying bag that makes it easy for mobile appointment.

Lash techs this pillow is going to be your new favorite, enjoy almost a foot on each side of the pillow to hold your lash tile, gel pad, tape tweezers, etc.

Our in-house lash techs are obsessed with how much storage and easy access they have with the beauty sleep pillow while our clients are in love with the relaxing and comfortable experience they have while getting lashes!

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