Lash Clusters – Are they safe? Where is this trend going?

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Today, I want to talk about a topic that’s been getting a lot of attention on TikTok and social media lately: cluster lashes. Seriously, it feels like I can’t scroll through any platform without seeing people raving about them.

As someone who’s deeply involved in the lash industry and the making of lash supplies, this trend is pretty concerning to me. While cluster lashes might seem like a great idea at first, just like any other quick fix, they come with some serious consequences. I’m talking about risking the loss of your natural lashes, causing damage to your lashes, and even risking serious eye infections.

So, let’s take a closer look and really get to the bottom of what cluster lashes are all about.

Peaked or Peaking Still in 2024?

It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I really started noticing cluster lashes getting more attention. So, I thought, why not do a little digging into the lash cluster market? And guess what? Turns out, my instincts were right on the money – this beauty trend has been steadily gaining traction throughout 2024. Take a look at this quick visual representation:

Google Trends on Lash Clusters vs Lash Extensions

lash cluster trend world wide lashgod expertise

As you can tell, the worldwide data is clear, there was a strong peak in the Cluster trend just a few weeks ago.

But it’s dropping, fast.

Looking at the chart above, you can also see that this trend is starting to decline. Why? Well, it could be that people have had time to try it out and discuss it among themselves. They were probably hoping for a quick and affordable DIY alternative to lash extensions but soon realized that these cheap lash supplies just don’t compare to a professional, in-salon treatment.

A Brief History of Lash Clusters

You might be surprised to learn that lash clusters aren’t a new beauty trend at all—they’ve actually been around for decades. Lately, though, they’ve been getting more popular thanks to social media, especially among younger people trying to keep up with beauty standards.

At first, lash clusters were meant to be a more natural version of the classic strip lash. Even though they took more time and patience to apply, the results were more natural. Nowadays, they’re seen as a “DIY lash extension” option, which has made them go viral again.

Are They Safe?

Listen, it’s not that lash clusters aren’t safe—they are if you use them correctly. The problem is that people use them as a substitute for lash extensions. Lash clusters were never meant to be worn for days at a time. They’re too heavy, and the glue used to apply them isn’t designed for long-term wear either.

They are WAY too heavy

If you take a close look at a cluster lash and a professional individual lash used in salons, you’ll immediately notice that cluster lashes have a wider, chunkier base. Because of this, they need more adhesive, which isn’t ideal.

Their heaviness and the fact that they’re applied to the base of your delicate lashes mean there’s a good chance they will damage your natural lashes over time.

Not all lash glues are the same

One of the main reasons lash clusters can damage your natural lashes is the glue used to apply them. When people try to keep them on for 3-7 days, they often use WAY TOO MUCH glue. We’re not talking about the hypoallergenic, medical-grade glue used in lash salons, but the gimmicky stuff you can buy at any drugstore.

Professional glue is designed to attach to your eyelashes, not your lash line. In contrast, lash cluster glue sticks to your natural lash line, which significantly increases the chances of ripping out your natural lashes when you remove the clusters.

“Are these at-home clusters bad for your lashes if you leave them on for a week?”

(some say it’s bad, some say 3-7 days is okay)

So, let’s consider if using lash clusters as a backup when you can’t get an appointment at your lash salon is a good idea. Would that be okay? I totally understand the desire to always have perfect lashes, but even in this situation, I’d be super careful.

Since I’ve never tried lash clusters myself, I decided to do some research on Reddit to see what others were saying. The responses were mixed, but most people claiming to be beauty industry professionals strongly advised against using them. Here are some of the most notable comments I found:

are clusters safe reddit

Why are people still using lash clusters?

After learning about the downsides of lash clusters, you might wonder why people still use them. Well, it’s pretty simple: convenience and affordability. Not everyone dives deep into research before trying them out; many just see them trending on TikTok and give them a go.

Let’s be real—lash clusters are super convenient. You can slap them on in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your home. But here’s the catch: that quick fix comes with a price. Their thick base, as we’ve discussed, can wreak havoc on your natural lash line.

And while they might be cheaper than a professional lash set, it’s a case of getting what you pay for. Instead of a luxe, long-lasting lash look, you end up with something chunky that barely lasts a few days, all while risking serious damage to your lashes.

What about others?

Asako Ito over at Divine Lashes, wrote an excellent and educational article on how cluster lashes are bottom-heavy and interfere with the natural growth cycle.

Your natural lashes grow at different speeds and cycles.  There will be damage to your eyelashes whenever a heavy-handed technique is used.

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