How to Make the Perfect Fan? As A Master Lash Tech

How to Make the Perfect Fan? It's a delicate and skilled process that a beginner can master. As a Master Lash Tech, Raq and the team spills the tea

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reviewed and fact checked by Raquel DaSilva, LASHGOD Founder

Step 1: Gather the necessary supplies 🛍️🖌️

Prepare yourself by collecting essential items such as a clean mascara wand or a lash extension fan brush, a non-drying clear adhesive, and a mirror. These tools will ensure a smooth and efficient fanning process.

Step 2: Ensure clean and dry lashes 🧼🌬️

Prioritize cleanliness by thoroughly cleansing your lash extensions. Remove any makeup, oil, or residue using a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Allow your lashes to air dry completely before proceeding.

Step 3: Apply the lash extension adhesive 🧪👁️

Apply a small amount of clear, non-drying adhesive to the tip of your mascara wand or fan brush. Excessive glue can lead to clumping, so exercise caution and use a minimal amount.

Step 4: Separate the lashes 🙌✂️

Using your fingers or tweezers, gently separate each individual lash extension. Be careful not to pull or tug on them, as this may cause damage.

Step 5: Create a beautiful fan shape 🌟🎇

Hold a lash extension with one hand and utilize the mascara wand or fan brush to softly press the lashes together, forming a desirable fan shape. Start at the lash base and work your way towards the tips.

Step 6: Place the fan on your natural lash 👁️➕

Delicately position the fanned lashes onto your natural lashes, starting from the outer corner and moving towards the inner corner. Avoid placing them too close to the lash root to prevent discomfort or harm.

Step 7: Repeat the process 🔁👁️

Continue creating fans with individual lash extensions and applying them to your natural lashes until you achieve your desired look. Take breaks if necessary to ensure accurate application and rest your eyes.

Step 8: Comb and shape the lashes 🔄🔍

Use a clean mascara wand or lash brush to gently comb through the lashes, ensuring they are separated and free of any tangles or clumps. This will contribute to a natural and even appearance.

How to fan your lash extension

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Take care: 
For quality disinfection and to prevent rust please follow these steps aligned with government health and safety protocols: 
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2.dry tweezers completely 
3.soak tweezers in PRE-EMPT CS20, 70% ALCHOL OR BARBICIDE for 20 minutes 
4.Rinse and dry tweezers completely 
How to prevent rust: 
-tweezers typically rust when left and/ or stored wet 
-dry tweezers before putting them in disinfectant solution 

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