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How to Boost Client Happiness and Customer Service at your Store – Raquel’s Secrets

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Here’s A Few Lil Client Experience Tips We Practice In House That will Be beneficial to your business & Relationships 🤝

1. ❤️ A warm Welcome & greeting
2. 🫂Making Your Client Feel; comfort + friendship, Safe and At home as quickly as possible
3. Having a clean 🧼 space + A stocked bathroom
4. Consistently Offering 🍎 Food + Beverage 🧃
5. Quality Positive conversation, Value added information + motivation & an overall feel good experience 🌱

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This class is free to the public & I dissect my business model from the very beginning up until now!

“Its important for people to associate you with an amazing time, an experience they want to come back to” – Raquel


1. ❤️ A Warm Welcome; Home Away From Home

A customer maybe coming back or giving you a try. They should feel SO LOVE and that you’re so excited to see them.

Then immediately show them around the space, “this is the bathroom, and then here is where we will be providing your service”. Make sure to show them where the important rooms are and they know the facilities.

2. Get the foods, snacks, coffee & drinks ready

You should always have something to offer clients coming in. It makes such a big difference!

Often people can be hangry when they walk in. Make sure there’s healthy snacks and drinks you can offer them.

We have coffee, tea, lemonade, kombucha, onelifemeals, fruits, vegan lemon loafs.

These are just the things that make people feel like they’re in their home away from home.

3. Stock up your store, especially the bathroom

Often people go from their lash/nail appointment into a date or event.

So we stock our bathrooms with feminine hygiene products, floss picks, mints, natural deodorant, regular deodorant, aloe, mints, and scents.

It’s just a small thing to make the experience super luxuries

4. Pour yourself into your relationships

If you will be spending 1-2hrs with your clients, you should be learning about them and asking them their life and adding value.

I personally like to educate myself, listen to audio-books, watch documentaries. Absorb something that has value so you have something to provide to clients after.

If you’re in a negative mood or gossiping, it’s not necessarily something clients want to come back to. Keep it super positive and pour yourself into your relationships

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I love to host my complimentary Business Building 101 Classes.

Available In person or Via Zoom!

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