How To Blend Eyeshadow Correctly 

Let’s be real — most of us aren’t born naturally knowing how to do our makeup. It takes time, patience, and plenty of practice to get it right. This can be particularly true when dealing with more intricate makeup techniques like blending eyeshadow. 

We know that sticking with one eyeshadow might sound easy and safe but, if you want beautifully blended shadow that looks professional and statement-making, mastering blending your eyeshadow is key to getting you there.  

Let’s get into it. 

Use the Right Tools and Materials 

First things first — make sure you have the right tools before you even begin to try blending your shadow. 

In general, there are four shadow brushes that we recommend having at your disposal: 

  1. Crease brush
  2. Tapered blending brush 
  3. All-over shadow brush 
  4. Soft blending brush 

Everyone will have different preferences about what brushes they use to achieve their desired look, but having these brushes available to you sets you up for success. 

Start With a Base Colour or Primer 

Let’s start simple: grab your favourite shadow shade and apply it all over the lid. You can opt to bring it all the way to the brow bone if you’re going for a dramatic glam makeup look, but you can also stop at the crease if you want a more everyday, appropriate look. 

Your all-over shadow brush is ideal for this step. 

Contour the Crease

You’ll now want to pick a shade a bit darker than your base colour. Here, you’ll be contouring the crease, which involves sweeping the colour along your natural eye shape between your brow bone and eyelid. This contour will give your look dimension. 

If you have hooded eyes, you’ll have to adjust your shadow placement since you won’t be able to see the crease with your eyes open. We recommend marking where you want the crease to start. This mark will be higher than your natural crease, but if you blend the eyeshadow and smooth out any harsh lines, this shouldn’t be a problem. 

Pack Colour Onto the Eyelid 

Here’s where you can start adding extra colour to get that dramatic makeup look. For instance, if you want to add sparkle to your look this is a great opportunity to do so. If you want a pop of purple in a predominantly brown shadow look, go for it here. 

Define the Lash Line 

Skipping this step isn’t advised. Even if you don’t usually wear eyeliner, we still recommend lining the lash line using a dark eyeshadow. 

Lining the eye will make your eyes pop and help avoid your eyes from looking washed out. Lining your eyes correctly can also make your eyelashes look longer, which in turn will make your eyes look bigger. It’s a win-win.  

Add Highlight 

Last but not least, we always recommend adding a highlighter to your look. In particular, you’ll want to add a highlighter under your brow bone and on the inner corners of both eyes. 

Adding this extra step will help brighten your eyes for that perfect balance between dramatic and natural. 


And voila! You now have the perfect blended eye. Now that you’ve put all these steps together, you’re ready to step out and show off your beautiful look. 

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