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LASHGOD values its clients to the fullest, and our beauty experts take into account whatever the client needs and maximize the output. We work with you to create the look you need and give you a completely new appeal and confidence. Our clients have always given us positive feedback, and we make sure we take care of them in the best possible manner. Our services are luxurious, high-quality and all our beauticians are well-trained.

We also offer products for sale on our website so you can use them at home and even offer courses for those interested. Our hair salon in North York is renowned for its luxe hair care services, right from our best tape in hair extensions in Toronto to colouring, highlights, balayage, gloss, and much more. We will make sure you have a good hair day!

Get That Gloss and Shine Look With Our Luxe Hair Services!

The perfect hair always makes us look and feel better! At LASHGOD, we aim to do just that by meeting all our clients’ expectations and giving them beautiful and shiny hair. If you want to try a new hair colour or get some funky highlights or even just get a new trendy haircut, our beauticians will work hard to do that for you. 

We are very hygienic in our process and sanitize, disinfect and clean the area properly. Besides our hair salon, we also have a nail salon in North York where you can get the perfect manicure and pedicure services! Let us take care of you at our salons and make you look and feel young and beautiful!

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If you are looking for some good hair extensions in Toronto, look no further. LASHGOD will give you the hair you have always wanted! Book an appointment with us today at (647) 986-5064 or email us at

The Variety of Hair Services We Offer at LASHGOD

LASHGOD believes in customer satisfaction, and we help you choose the look and hairstyle that you want. We show you our different services and styles and recommend products you can purchase on our site to help your hair stay stylish for as long as possible. We also offer courses on hair care to understand the process and make your own hair look amazing. For instance, if you want to get a good balayage in Toronto, we can show you how. At our hair salon in North York, we offer many services such as:

  • Clean & Finish…..$50
  • Clean & Finish with Vesna…..$20
  • Clean & Finish + Style of your choice w/junior stylist…..$90
  • Clean & Finish + Style of your choice w/senior stylist…..$120
  • Clean & Finish (Long hair) w/junior stylist…..$70
  • Clean & Finish (Long hair) w/senior stylist…..$100
  • Clean & Finish Blowout…..$80
  • Clean & Finish + Clip-in Install & Style…..$150
  • Silk Press…..$150
  • Colour Correction…..$460
  • Colour Removal…..$200
  • Dry Style w/junior stylist…..$30
  • Dry Style w/senior stylist…..$50
  • Dry Style (Crimp/Wet Look)…..$85
  • Toner…..$60
  • The Maxi Special…..$185
  • HAIRGOD Blowout Package Membership (Long hair)…..$400
  • HAIRGOD Blowout Package Membership (Short-medium)…..$320
  • Hair Extension Wash & Dry…..$60
  • Clip-in Hair Extention Custom Hair Cut…..$75
  • Low Lights…..$80
  • Money Piece…..$100
  • Hairline Highlights…..$130
  • Half Head Balayage…..$280
  • Full Head Baby Lights…..$400
  • Half Head Baby Lights…..$200
  • Partial Baby Lights…..$150
  • Permanent Root Colour + Semi-permanent Overall…..$150
  • Permanent Full Colour…..$140
  • Semi-permanent Full Colour…..$120
  • Dry Haircut…..$65
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Same Day Removal + Re-install…..$330
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Re-install…..$180
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Removal…..$70
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Weft 300G…..$1250
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Weft 200G…..$960
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Weft 100G…..$760
  • Micro Bead Sew-in Move up…..$100
  • Add-on Micro Braid…..$5
  • Add-on Extra Brain…..$10
  • Wash & Prep for Braids…..$60
  • Knotless Single Braids – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Bohemian Single Braids – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Single Twists – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Single Braids – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Palm Roll Twist – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Interioc – Based on Consultation from…..$200
  • Two Natural Braids…..$50
  • 10 Braids (Hair included)…..$160
  • 6 Braids (Hair included)…..$140
  • Men’s Simple Braid Package…..$80
  • Men’s Braid Package…..$120
  • Half-up, Half-down Sew In (Hair not included)…..$150
  • Half Sew In (Hair not included)…..$100
  • Traditional Sew In (Hair not included)…..$180
  • Pony With up to 10 Braids (Hair included)…..$240
  • Pony With up to 5 Braids (Hair included)…..$190
  • Basic Pony with Middle or Side Part (Hair not included)…..$95
  • Basic Pony (Hair not included)…..$80
  • Lemonade Braids (Hair included)…..$180
  • 8 Braids (Hair included)…..$150
  • 4 Braids (Hair included)…..$120
  • 2 Braids (Hair included)…..$65
  • Fusion Extensions 20’ | 200G…..$1240
  • Fusion Extensions 20’ | 150G…..$1020
  • Fusion Extensions 20’ | 100G…..$822
  • Fusion Extensions 20’ | 50G…..$422
  • Tape-in Extensions 22’ | 200G…..$1240
  • Tape-in Extensions 22’ | 150G…..$1020
  • Tape-in Extensions 22’ | 100G…..$822
  • Tape-in Extensions 22’ | 50G…..$422
  • Tape-in Extensions 20’ | 200G…..$1160
  • Tape-in Extensions 20’ | 150G…..$940
  • Tape-in Extensions 20’ | 100G…..$720
  • Tape-in Extensions 20’ | 50G…..$360
  • Tape-in Extension Same day Removal + Reinstall…..$430
  • Clip-in How To…..$30
  • Balayage…..$350
  • Gloss…..$50
  • Semi-permanent Root Colour…..$80
  • Permanent Root Colour…..$80
  • Haircut & Finish…..$120
  • Fusion Removal…..$120
  • Tape-in Extention Removal…..$100
  • Tape Re-install…..$250

What kind of lash services does LASHGOD offer?

LASHGOD is a leading luxury service provider that excels in all beauty fields, including hair care, facial care, body, and nails. Our lash services are very popular with our clients, and some of the services we provide at our salon include lash lifts, lash tints, hybrid lash refill, volume lash refill, mega volume refill, and much more! We can even do lash removals too, and can make your eyebrows look gorgeous! If you are looking for beautiful lash extensions in downtown Toronto, come check us out for the quality experience of a lifetime! 

What are the perks of being a brand ambassador at LASHGOD?

You can become a brand ambassador at LASHGOD and get special perks like your own promo code for 15 percent off all products, product knowledge virtual training, and certification when you complete the training. You can become a brand ambassador by tagging LASHGOD in your Instagram stories and bio and must exclusively use our products.

What kind of hair courses do you offer?

We offer a HAIRGOD masterclass done by our renowned hairdresser HAIRGOD Britt. In this course, you can learn how to check your hair health, sectioning, mapping, rebonding, fusion installation, clean parting, installs and removals, and more. You can also learn how to style, blend and texturize your hair in this course and get beautiful and luscious hair! 

Make That Hair Shine and Glow at LASHGOD

Join us at our salon and watch our trained beauty experts transform your hair into luscious manes that will leave you in awe! Get that perfect hairdo for a night out with the girls or a sophisticated look for an important meeting or interview, or just simply rev it up for a good stay-at-home day! If you are always looking to get hair extensions in Toronto, we are the place for you! We guarantee you will walk out of our salon with your head and hair held high!