Eyelash Extensions Liquids 101 – What Makes A Good Liquid?

Thousands of lash extension customers later, we dish out our experience with liquid adhesives, primers and removers

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reviewed and fact checked by Raquel DaSilva, LASHGOD Founder
Reliable and safe lash extension adhesives are essential for lash techs and beginners to understand.  These specially formulated liquids play a crucial role in application, bonding, cleaning and longevity of healthy and beautiful lashes.
From adhesives that securely attach the extensions to primers that prepare the natural lashes, lash extension liquids have become essential tools for both professional lash artists and enthusiasts alike. 

Knowing which adhesive is best for majority of your clients will save you time, money & frustration!

👉🏻 we recommend you have at least 2 adhesives in your trolly to be on the top of your game!


What makes a good Lash Extension Liquid?

A good lash bond adhesive is crucial for achieving long-lasting and reliable eyelash extensions. Several factors contribute to making an adhesive effective and desirable. Here are some key qualities to consider:

  • 💪🏼 Strong Bonding – A high-quality lash bond adhesive should have excellent bonding strength, ensuring that the extensions adhere securely to the natural lashes.
  • 🍃 Quick Drying Time – A good adhesive should have a quick drying time, allowing the lash artist to work efficiently and reducing the waiting time for clients. A faster drying time also minimizes the chances of lashes sticking together or getting displaced during the application process.
  • ⌚ Longevity – The longevity of lash extensions greatly depends on the adhesive’s performance. A good adhesive should hold the extensions in place for an extended period, typically lasting through a full lash growth cycle, which is about 6 to 8 weeks. This ensures that the lashes remain intact and maintain their appearance for an extended period.
  • 🧘🏼 Flexibility – Lash bond adhesives should possess some degree of flexibility to accommodate the natural movement of the lashes. This flexibility prevents the extensions from becoming rigid or easily prone to breakage, ensuring comfort and a more natural look.
  • 👃🏼 Low Fumes and Irritation –  Adhesives with low fume emission are highly desirable for both lash artists and clients. Low-fume adhesives reduce the risk of eye irritation and discomfort during and after the application process, making the overall experience more pleasant.
  • ☀️🌦️ Retention in Different Climates – A good lash bond adhesive should be able to withstand various environmental conditions, even in humid or dry climates, preventing premature lash extension fallout.
  • 🥰 Safety and Hypoallergenic Formulation – A good adhesive should be formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients to minimize the risk of allergic reactions or adverse side effects.

Remember, the choice of lash bond adhesive may vary depending on individual preferences and specific requirements. It is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with professionals for the best adhesive suited to your needs.



At LASHGOD, we supply the lash extension industry with hundreds of leading adhesive liquids such as these

Different Kinds of Lash Extension Liquids

There are various types of lash extension liquids available, each serving a specific purpose in the lash extension application process. Here are some of the different kinds of lash extension liquids:

Lash Adhesive: Lash adhesive is the primary liquid used to bond the individual lash extensions to the natural lashes. Lash adhesives come in different viscosities (thin, medium, or thick) to cater to different application techniques and client preferences. 

Remember when we recommended to take at least 2?  Here are some top must haves!

🪄 Magical bond:
Properties: Thin viscosity, 2/10 fumes, designed for normal to sensitive eyes, .5-1 second try time, flexible when dry, jet black in colour, 6-8 week retention, 100% hypoallergenic, designed for any skill level

👑 Everlasting empress:
Expert level adhesive, .5 second dry time, thin viscosity, 3/10 fumes, 8-10 week retention, jet black, designed for lash artists that like a quick dry combined with flexibility for lash wrapping.

🎩 Supernatural bond:
Industry shattering castor and carrot oil infused butyl free adhesive. Our #1 best selling product for the last 4 months. Medium viscosity with instant dry technology. Designed for pros that are quick. When you create a fan and dip into this adhesive it will freeze in position and not change shape whatsoever during application. Designed for sensitive eyes, this adhesive have been effective for 96% of clients with Cyanoacrylate allergies. 1/10 fumes, jet black in colour. Adaptable to any climate NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PRIMERS + SEALANTS! The moisture in the natural lash contributes to the quality of the bond. 8-10 week bonding time.

[  ] Invisibility bond:
This adhesive is the clear version of magical bond. Free of black pigment it is amazing for sensitive eyes. 1 second dry time. Extremely flexible. Thin viscosity. Designed for all experience levels. Ideal for coloured + brown lashes.

🥛🍓Pink milk: the industries first rose coloured + rose infused adhesive. An amazing conversation price and amazing adhesive all in one. This adhesive dries clear and is ideal for coloured lashes! For beginner to pro! 6-8 week bonding time. For Normal eye types!


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Theres More Liquids to Consider

Primer: Primer is used to prepare the natural lashes before applying lash extensions. It helps to remove any oils, debris, or residue on the lashes, ensuring better adhesion of the extensions. Primers typically come in liquid form and are applied using a micro brush or applicator.  For this, we recommend checking out the Curematic Primer. Curematic can be used with any adhesive and help speed up the dry time of even the slowest beginner sensitivity and clear adhesives.


Remover: Lash extension remover is used to dissolve and remove lash extensions when desired. It is formulated to break down the adhesive bond without causing damage to the natural lashes. Removers may come in gel or liquid form and are applied with precision to the lash extension bonds.  Check out our Cream Remover here.

Primer and Sealant Combo: Some lash extension liquids combine the functions of a primer and sealant into a single product. These multipurpose liquids can be used both before and after the lash extension application to prepare the lashes and provide a protective coating.

Lash Cleanser: Lash cleansers are specially formulated liquids designed to clean and maintain lash extensions. They help to remove dirt, debris, and makeup residue without compromising the adhesive bond or causing damage to the lashes. Lash cleansers are typically applied using a brush or lint-free applicator.

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