Everything You Need to Know about Promade Fans

Looking for a way to give your clients a fuller lash look? We’ve got the solution for you: PROMADE FANS

Promade fans represent an advancement in the world of premade fans used in the lash industry. They have earned the nickname “ProMade” because they closely resemble handmade volume fans. While they may go by various names, the core concept remains the same—the fans themselves are essentially identical, with any variations primarily seen in the packaging or branding.


Here are some benefits of using pro-made fans in eyelash extensions:

  • Time-Saving⏰💨 Using Promade fans can save lash technicians a significant amount of time during the eyelash extension application process, allowing them to serve more clients efficiently.⌛
  • Consistency✨📏 Promade fans provide a consistent and uniform look to the lashes, ensuring each client receives a symmetrical and professional result. 📐
  • Volume Enhancement🌟💫 Promade fans are known for creating voluminous and glamorous lashes, giving clients a fuller and more dramatic appearance.🌼
  • Precision and Expertise ✨ 🎓 Promade fans are designed by experienced professionals, ensuring precision in the fan shape and placement, resulting in a high-quality and expertly applied lash extension. 🔬
  • Versatility 🎨🌈 Promade fans come in various styles, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing lash technicians to offer a wide range of customized looks to suit their clients’ preferences and desired lash style.💃
  • Ease of Application 🙌💼 Using promade fans simplifies the application process, making it easier for lash technicians, especially those who are new to the technique. It streamlines the process and reduces the complexity of fan creation. ✅

It’s worth noting that the use of Promade fans is a technique-specific approach to eyelash extensions, and its suitability may vary depending on the lash technician’s training and the desired result. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional lash technician to determine the best approach for your specific needs.


Fantasy Fair PRO MADE FANS with superpowers + LASHGOD PRO MADE FANS

Our NEW PRE MADE fans are one of a kind, the darkest jet black colour with perfectly spaced and symmetrical fibres. Complete with needle thin bases designed for lash wrapping. Our Pro-mades will WOW you in retention and application, the bases are micro ribbed for maximum hold on natural lashes.

Micro ribbing along the base is virtually invisible to the naked eye, grooves less than 1/2 mm deep along the entire heat bonded base allow for adhesive to really grip the natural lash.

Our luxurious loose pro-made fans have 14 fibers per fan (14D) and an ultra-thin base. Fluffy, Full fans that look and feel precisely like a symmetrical hand-crafted volume fan. Made from our original world-famous cashmere lashes that you know and love. Ultra-soft, ready-to-apply volume fans.

2mm (length) bases bonded with our Everlasting Empress adhesive. Bases are bonded needle thin in a “stacked base” format and are designed to wrap around the natural lash and bond to two sides of the NL (natural lash). As a result, your retention will significantly improve, as will the density and styling of your sets.
Elevate your artistry and cut your cost per service in half. Your clients will love the way their fans look when they shed: quality artistry and expert speed.
May every set be Instagram-worthy. Your Clients and peers will be in awe as your artistry completely transforms. Pro-made fans are the quickest and easiest way to expedite your success in the lash industry.
Be the first in your region to offer; LASHGOD quality cashmere lashes, fluffy, complete sets in 1 hour, refills in 30-45min.
Your cost of lashes per service is $10, and you can double the clients per day, offering the highest quality sets in the shortest time—a win for you and your clients.

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