Essential Steps for Amazing Soft Glam Makeup

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Soft glam makeup is a popular modern trend and with good reason. It’s the perfect step up from natural makeup without going full on glam. It doesn’t have the same harsh lines as glam makeup, instead focusing on blending products very well to create a look that’s polished, radiant, and absolutely glowing.

Achieving the perfect soft glam takes several steps and techniques. Here are the fundamentals you need to attain this stunning look.

Nude Colour for your Eyes

Every great soft glam look starts with a focus on the eyes. They’re such a focal point on the face and a crucial part of achieving this look. Use muted shades such as earth tones, flesh tones, shades of grey, and those neutral shades that give you depth and dimension without overpowering your eyes.

Shimmery neutral eyelids are one of the keys to the soft glam look. Choose one colour that will act as a base, another that will make your eyes look lighter and more open, and a third to create depth. This colour should be a few shades deeper than your base colour. You can apply eyeshadow in many ways, but the secret is in the soft blending.

Add Under-Eye Concealer

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you’ll want to use a concealer to cancel these out. There are many different products available that are designed for different skin tones and undertones. A makeup artist can help you find the right products for your look.

Give Cheeks a Light Flush

Give some dimension to your skin by applying contour products or bronzers just beneath your cheekbones. Blend it with your foundation brush to give your skin a natural finish with a bit more warmth and depth.

Be sure to avoid harsh edges and focus on using your natural face shape to guide you. Highlight the highest points on your face and then use a deeper foundation shade elsewhere. This will accentuate your cheeks while still giving you a soft, natural look.

Use a Glossy Highlight

Soft-glam makeup is all about blending and removing strong edges for a look that appears almost filtered or Photoshopped – but better! Adding a facial gloss above your cheekbones, on your eyelids, and down the bridge of your nose helps illuminate your skin without making it look harsh or sharp. It’s the perfect soft focus.

Add Mascara or Natural False Lashes

Your eyes are the focal point of almost every makeup technique, and this is especially true with soft glam. Apply your mascara in a style you prefer, sweeping it through your lashes from root to tip. You can also try natural false lashes to add volume and stunning beauty.

Blur Lips

To add more dimension to your lips, overline the lip area with balm and blot off excess with a tissue. From there, use a nude lip pencil that is a bit deeper in tone than your regular lipstick inside the lip area and around your lips. Then blend using the lipstick of your choice.

This will give you beautiful, plump lips and the perfect pout to finish off the soft glam look.

Finish with a Setting Spray! (A MUST!)

Using a setting spray on the sides of your face is a must for finishing this look. It will help your face instantly glow and soften, while also keeping it looking fresh and extending its wear. It’s the perfect way to complete the look before you head out, and a step that should certainly not be ignored.

If you’re looking to achieve a perfect soft glam look and you need some help, LASHGOD has you covered. Our team has the skill and experience needed to help you look your best.  

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