LASHGOD Lashes, Facials, Nails, and More in North York

LASHGOD is a professional nails, facial, and hair salon that also provides high-quality lash extensions in North York with locations at both Don Mills Road and Avenue Road. Our professional multi-skilled artists can provide you with all the essential services you need to look and feel your best. Come in and talk with us today about just what LASHGOD can do for you!

Nothing but the Finest Lashes From LASHGOD

At LASHGOD, we’re experts on lashes. We provide the best lash lifts in Toronto, long-lasting, volume-enhancing, and in a wide range from Classic to Extreme MegaVolume to suit any style. You’ll be amazed by how stunning your lashes can look with LASHGOD lash extensions.

Anyone looking for a more subtle and natural style can use our professional lash lift and tint in Toronto. This service sculpts and dyes your lashes to boost their natural length and volume, giving you the appearance of greater volume and fuller lashes.

Mani-Pedi Services to Relax and Rejuvenate Your Look

Our professional nail techs can deliver stunning results with our manicures and pedicures, giving you the chance to relax while we make your nails glow. We have an extensive range of options for our manicures and pedicures, including our standard options, shellac, mineral, and even champagne pedicures in Toronto.

LASHGOD can also help you find the perfect artificial nail solution with many options available. For stunning results, we have bio-gel overlays and standard full sets, glamsets, and UV powder full sets. No matter your unique style, LASHGOD has the nails to make you dazzle.

A Luxury Hair Salon and Premium Hair Extensions

Of course, LASHGOD is also a full-service hair salon in North York, delivering everything you need to realize your style from cuts to highlights and more. We also provide one of the best manicures in North York. Our beauticians are incredibly skilled at bringing the best possible results into fruition with a wide variety of salon services at their disposal.

LASHGOD provides hair extensions at our hair salon in Don Mills, giving you incredibly long-lasting and seamless extensions up to 20 inches. We can perfectly match your hair colour to give you the gorgeous style of your dreams.

LASHGOD Rejuvenating Facials and Chemical Peels

Looking for a relaxing and luxurious facial in downtown Toronto? LASHGOD provides professional facial spa services, including both our standard refreshing, rejuvenating, and skin-clearing facials, along with our professional chemical peels for stunning results.

Our treatments can help reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, reduce both acne and acne scars, help with hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, and more! The professional estheticians at LASHGOD will discuss your unique skin challenges and find the perfect solution to give you the best facial treatment in North York.

Body Sculpting and More From LASHGOD

Our professional body sculpting treatments use the latest techniques and equipment to contour and shape your body to your desired figure. This unique treatment effectively reduces stubborn fat in your trouble areas.

LASHGOD has a wide variety of additional services available as well. You can come in for spray tanning, henna tattoos, brow lamination, and more!

Why Choose LASHGOD?

When you choose LASHGOD, you’re choosing a team of multi-certified artists and professionals who can deliver the finest services to have you looking and feeling your best. From hair extensions to lash lifts to a manicure in downtown Toronto, LASHGOD provides all the luxurious and relaxing treatments you could possibly need.

If you’re interested in any of our services, reach out today to consult with our expert team. We’ll find out just what your needs are and determine the perfect solution.