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Short and sweet Bio-Gel nail enhancements for your everyday super girl~

As long as i can remember I’ve had freakishly long witchy almond shaped natural nails… After all NAILGOD salon is home of the iconic deep french X almond shape duo that I’ve been rocking and loving for nearly 4 years straight

Historically I’ve stretched refill times as long as possible typically infilling every 3.5-5 weeks, Subconsciously I think I avoid my refills because I know they are going to take roughly 2 1/2 hours because of the length and complexity of my design

As much as I love seeing how long our bio-gel enhancements are able to last, the next phase of my evolution requires a perfect manicure at all times, I love the idea of a one hour refill more frequently~ constantly presenting the best version of myself to the world. There’s an unspoken wisdom behind a confident handshake, utilizing body language, freely moving your hands, all of which is made all the more comfortable with a ladylike manicure 💅

I love using nails as a form of practical wearable art
As a businesswoman, athlete, gymnast, aerialist and naturally someone who’s just constantly doing the most at all times (Lol) it was time for a switch to the short and dainty nail side

I’ve tested the waters doing back flips at gymnastics practice with what my grandmother refers to as “Eagle nails” 🦅long enough, its time for classy, practical warrior baby nails

I eased into the new nail look with a traditional white french, a Russian manicure (expertly cleaned and buffed cuticles) using NAILGODs signature “cotton candy” base coat.

The result was timeless and the feedback from my friends, team members and my lover 😉 was impeccable

~article and photos by
Raquel Da Silva